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1. Any of various viscous, water-soluble polysaccharides produced by certain plants, algae, and microorganisms.
2. A sticky substance used as an adhesive.

[Middle English muscilage, from Old French mucilage, from Late Latin mūcilāgō, mūcilāgin-, from Latin mūcēre, to be moldy, musty, from mūcus, mucus.]


1. (Elements & Compounds) a sticky preparation, such as gum or glue, used as an adhesive
2. (Biochemistry) a complex glutinous carbohydrate secreted by certain plants
[C14: via Old French from Late Latin mūcilāgo mouldy juice; see mucid]
mucilaginous adj
ˌmuciˈlaginously adv
ˌmuciˈlaginousness n


(ˈmyu sə lɪdʒ)

1. any of various, usu. liquid, preparations of gum, glue, or the like, used as an adhesive.
2. a gummy or gelatinous substance present in plants.
[1350–1400; < Middle French musillage < Late Latin mūcilāgō a musty juice, akin to Latin mūcēre to be musty]
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Noun1.mucilage - a gelatinous substance secreted by plants
gum - any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying
2.mucilage - cement consisting of a sticky substance that is used as an adhesivemucilage - cement consisting of a sticky substance that is used as an adhesive
animal glue - a protein gelatin obtained by boiling e.g. skins and hoofs of cattle and horses
casein glue - made from casein; used for e.g. plywood and cabinetwork
fish glue - gelatinous substance obtained by boiling skins fins and bones of fish
marine glue - glue that is not water soluble
cement - something that hardens to act as adhesive material


[ˈmjuːsɪlɪdʒ] Nmucílago m


[ˈmjuːsɪlɪdʒ] nmucillagine f
References in classic literature ?
That ninny of a Sara Ray brought up a bottle of mucilage instead of Judy's curling-fluid, and Cecily put her hair up with THAT.
Eventually they got all the mucilage washed out of it and Cecily spent the remainder of the forenoon sitting before the open oven door in the hot kitchen drying her ill-used tresses.
And when I desired honey I only desired bait, and sweet mucus and mucilage, for which even the mouths of growling bears, and strange, sulky, evil birds, water:
But the air was sticky like mucilage, and the weight of it seemed to burden the lungs and make breathing difficult.
Mucilages such as Slippery elm, aloe vera, deglyceralised licorice root and marshmallow create a protective slimy lining
The results of our work done in vitro showed the prevention of biofilm formation because of the presence of sugars and polysaccharides and mucilages in the plant extrat which greatly inhibit the bacterial attachment to surfaces and biofilm formation.
tetraphylla (24 months old) for the qualitative analysis of phytochemicals like alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins and gums and mucilages and to study antibacterial and antifungal activities in these extracts.
Sangwan YS, Sngwan S, Jalwal P, Murti K and M Kaushik Mucilages and their pharmaceutical applications.
Studies on suspending property of mucilages of Hygrophila spinosa and Hibiscus esculentus.
In various species of the Malvaceae family, have been reported many mucilages, According to the previous papers, roots and leaves of Althaeu officinalis L.
Table 1: Global Importers of Guar Gum Mucilages and thickeners, whether modified or not, derived from guar seeds Value US $'000'