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Any of a group of glycoproteins found especially in the secretions of mucous membranes.

mu′cin·ous adj.
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Adj.1.mucinous - relating to or containing mucin


adj mucinoso
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Mucinous lesions of appendix ranged from Mucocele, Low grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasm and Mucinous adenocarcinoma of the appendix.
An important part of BOT has mucinous or serous histologic types; however, 4%-5% of these are clear cell, endometrioid, mixed, transitional or Brenner type of tumors.
Histological examination revealed the presence of a malignant intestinal epithelium, with unquestionable invasive areas of poorly differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma.
Mucinous tumours have a significantly worse prognosis than serous papillary and endometrial cancers.7 The current study was planned to evaluate the frequency and histopathological features of ovarian tumours in the Rawalpindi-Islamabad region of Pakistan.
(3-5) Mucinous cystic tumors are rare and have not been well studied because of their rarity.
Microscopically, five tumors exhibited diffuse growth pattern, four showed prominent mitotic activity (6-40/10 high-power fields [HPFs]), one had sarcomatous components, and one was mixed with mucinous cystadenoma components [Figure 1]b.
Primary mucinous adenocarcinoma (PMA) of the skin is an exceptionally rare clinical entity with an incidence of less than 0.1 cases per million individuals.
The retrospective study found that appendix cancer is comprised of five distinct subtypes- mucinous adenocarcinomas (46 percent), adenocarcinomas (30 percent), goblet cell carcinoids (12 percent), pseudomyxoma peritonei (7.7 percent) and signet ring cell carcinomas (5.2 percent).
Cystic pancreatic masses include pseudocyst, serous cystadenoma, mucinous cystadenoma, intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm, and solid pseudopapillary tumor.
Mucinous adenocarcinoma (MA) of the gallbladder (GB) is a less common histological type of carcinoma with an incidence of 2.5% in gallbladder tumors.
The substance oozing from the patient's umbilicus is pathognomonic of mucinous ascites, often described as jelly belly.
Histopathology reported mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of the ovary.