muck out

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muge ud
moka út/flórinn, hreinsa

w>muck out

vt sep(aus)misten


(mak) noun
dung, filth, rubbish etc. farm yard muck.
ˈmucky adjective
muck about/around
1. to do things without any definite plan.
2. to fool around.
muck out
to clean (a stable).
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COUNCIL chiefs spent PS1,260 sending traffic wardens to a wildlife park to muck out cages on a training day.
Tina, 21, and Ryan, 20, also helped muck out at the sanctuary in Cheshire.
Due to needs changing frequently, the time spent restoring the shore on August 11th, 2013 will include recovery needs such as community clean up, debris removal, muck outs and home gutting, environmental restoration (rebuilding sand dunes, fencing, and planting grass), general labor tasks, and general operations.