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intr.v. muck·raked, muck·rak·ing, muck·rakes
To search for and expose misconduct in public life.

[From the man with the muckrake, tool for raking muck, who cannot look up to heaven because he is so obsessed with the muck of worldly profit, in Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.]

muck′rak′er n.
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Noun1.muckraker - one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
depreciator, detractor, disparager, knocker - one who disparages or belittles the worth of something
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[ˈmʌkˌreɪkəʳ] N (pej) → escarbador(a) m/f de vidas ajenas
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He wonders if being a muckraker might actually be better than being a poet.
Not even a year after Vice Media co-founder and CEO Shane Smith dropped $23 million on a lavish compound in Santa Monica, the multimedia muckraker has shelled out a bit more than $3.8 million for a rustic-modern residence that's less than 2,000 feet away in Pacific Palisades.
This grotesque institution which has been bleeding us dry for centuries, really needed Lady Muckraker to add insult to the injury it inflicts daily on our democracy.
Praised by William James, Lippmann was at one time assistant to George Santayana, later a researcher for the famous muckraker Lincoln Steffens, and went on to be a political columnist and foreign affairs analyst.
After storming off Channel 4 News, Robert Downey Jr called Krishnan Guru-Murthy a "syphilitic parasite" and a "bottom-feeding muckraker".
He then pretended to speak to Guru-Murthy, 45, and said: "You are a bottomfeeding ROW Downey Jr & Guru-Murthy, right muckraker." He told Stern: "What I have to do in the future is say, 'That is more than likely a syphilitic parasite and I need to distance myself from this clown'.
The IT industry muckraker said that Food Panda would keep the founding duo and their team even after the acquisition.A company source speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed to Business Recorder that both portals would function under unified management.
I've occasionally taken flak for this-a not-disinterested party once labeled me a "muckraker"-but a recent discussion I had with a well-respected industry insider put things in perspective.
Critique: A skillful and talented writer, Ed Gibney's "Draining The Swamp" belongs to a muckraker tradition as exemplified by such American authors as Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" (the meatpacking industry) or Sinclair Lewis' "Elmer Gantry" (organized religion).
Her rejection of the term "muckraker" is ironic since this label was to become her legacy.
This year's prize winner was shortlisted from a total of 47 entries, along with five others: Louise Miller for A Fine Brother: The Life of Captain Flora Sandes; Ian Donaldson for Ben Jonson: A Life ; Joanna Hodgkin for Amateurs in Eden; W Sydney Robinson for Muckraker: The Scandalous Life and Times of WT Stead; and Tom Williams for A Mysterious Something in the Light: Raymond Chandler.
Longtime muckraker Bruce Livesey sets out to debunk this apparent fiction, and a career probing business scams and industry corruption gives him the pedigree for the job.