mucocutaneous leishmaniasis

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Noun1.mucocutaneous leishmaniasis - a form of leishmaniasis endemic in Mexico and Central American and South Americamucocutaneous leishmaniasis - a form of leishmaniasis endemic in Mexico and Central American and South America; sores are limited to the skin and mucosa
kala azar, leishmaniasis, leishmaniosis - sores resulting from a tropical infection by protozoa of the genus Leishmania which are spread by sandflies
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Epidemiological, clinical and biological features of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis in Bolivia after a 221 patient sample [in French].
Abbreviations CL: Cutaneous leishmaniasis MCL: Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis VL: Visceral leishmaniasis PCR: Polyclonal chain reaction ELISA: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay IFA: Indirect Fluorescent Antibody DAT: Direct Agglutination Test LST: Leishmanin Skin Test PKDL: Post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis DCL: Diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis IV: Intravenous IM: Intramuscular IL: Intralymphatic GIS: Geographical Information System.
Both cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis is the major threats to Pakistan despite of, mucocutaneous leishmaniasis which is rarely reported [4].
Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis traditionally refers to a metastatic sequelae of cutaneous infection, which results from dissemination of parasites from the skin to the naso-oropharyngeal mucosa usually by a species called Viannia subgenus (L.
Depending on the species, it can manifest as Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL), Mucocutaneous Leishmaniasis (MCL), Diffused Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (DCL) or Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL).
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Cutaneous leishmaniasis and mucocutaneous leishmaniasis are widespread in Ethiopia.
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Nicolas Fasel, PhD, professor of biology and medicine at the University of Lausanne, and Nancy Saravia, PhD, of the International Center for Medical Training and Investigation in Cali, Columbia, have been studying the causes of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, a particularly harmful form of the disease that destroys the soft tissues of the nose and mouth.
* mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, which affects the skin and mucous surfaces and occurs exclusively in the so-called new world (Fig.
Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis was first described in 1913 by Bates and is a sequela of new world cutaneous leishmaniasis and results from direct extension or metastasis from blood or lymph to the nasal or oral mucosa.