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n. pl. mu·co·sae (-sē) or mu·co·sas

[From Latin mūcōsa, feminine of mūcōsus, mucous; see mucous.]

mu·co′sal adj.
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Adj.1.mucosal - of or relating to mucous membranes
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a. mucosal, rel. a cualquier membrana mucosa.
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At least five mucosal crypts per mouse for the crypt lengths, at least nine mucosal crypts per mouse for absolute goblet cell numbers, and at least two cross sections of the diverted colon per mouse for the number of lymphoid follicles were evaluated and the arithmetic mean was calculated.
Lesions in the cats of the present study were considered as hyperplasia due the high cellularity and well-differentiated epithelium present in nodules, continuity with the adjacent colonic mucosal crypts, and rarefaction of goblet cells.
(8) The muscularis mucosa lies immediately beneath the mucosal crypts and separates the mucosa from the submucosa.