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Noun1.mucuna - any of several erect or climbing woody plants of the genus Mucuna; widespread in tropics of both hemispheres
genus Mucuna, genus Stizolobium, Stizolobium - genus of tropical herbs and woody vines having trifoliate leaves and showy flowers in axillary clusters
Florida bean, Mucuna aterrima, Mucuna deeringiana, Mucuna pruriens utilis, Stizolobium deeringiana, velvet bean, Bengal bean, Benghal bean, cowage - the annual woody vine of Asia having long clusters of purplish flowers and densely hairy pods; cultivated in southern United States for green manure and grazing
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Also, researchers have shown that Mucuna pruriens seeds increase spermatogenesis and weight of the testes, seminal vesicles, and prostate in the albino rat.
5-HTP; phenylalanine, 250-500 mg, up to three times a day; mucuna, 50-300 mg up to three times per day)
18 and 19] reported that fermentation significantly decrease the WAC of protein isolates from fluted pumpkin seeds protein concentrate and Mucuna bean protein isolate, respectively.
Amazing Grass Elixirs add a nutrient-packed boost to any drink or smoothie with alkalizing greens grown on Amazing Grass' family farm in Kansas, including fermented wheat grass, alfalfa and barley, which are combined with six stress reducing adaptogenic herbs, like moringa leaf, ashwagandha, reishi, cordyceps, schisandra and Mucuna.
1]), a subsequent maize crop produced less than following mucuna (Mucuna aterrima, 30 g [kg.
2012) made description and illustration of a new species Mucuna monticola in the genus Mucuna.
2013), the Mucuna pruriens extract was effective in restoring the high number of spermatozoa with cytoplasmic droplets and protected the sperm DNA against damages in diabetic animals.
afirman: "Las dinamicas en la mineralizacion y biomasa microbiana en un suelo franco arenoso clasificado como Ferric lexisol durante la descomposicion de cuatro leguminosas, usadas como abono verde: Mucuna pruriens, Crotalaria juncea, Crotalaria retusay Calopogonium mucunoides, se observo un incremento en la biomasa microbiana del 250% durante los primeros 4 dias de aplicados los abonos verdes, en comparacion con el testigo; que fue explicado como un proceso inicial de inmovilizacion del carbono por parte de los microorganismos" [28].
Chemical constituents from Mucuna aterrima with activity against Meloidogyne incognita and Heterodera glycines.
Digestive tract development in Campero INTA chickens fed mucuna beans (Stizolobium deeringianum).
Suistanable Agriculture and Innovation Adoption in a Small-Scale Food Production System: the Case of Yam in Rotation with Intercropping Mucuna pruriens var utilis and Maize in the Guinea-Sudan Zone of Benin.