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His skin was red and rough, as if from perpetual sunburn; he often went away to hot springs to take mud baths. He was notoriously dissolute with women.
There were white-tusked wild males, with fallen leaves and nuts and twigs lying in the wrinkles of their necks and the folds of their ears; fat, slow-footed she-elephants, with restless, little pinky black calves only three or four feet high running under their stomachs; young elephants with their tusks just beginning to show, and very proud of them; lanky, scraggy old-maid elephants, with their hollow anxious faces, and trunks like rough bark; savage old bull elephants, scarred from shoulder to flank with great weals and cuts of bygone fights, and the caked dirt of their solitary mud baths dropping from their shoulders; and there was one with a broken tusk and the marks of the full-stroke, the terrible drawing scrape, of a tiger's claws on his side.
Nha Trang, Vietnam, June 13, 2019 --( The MerPerle Hon Tam Mud Bath was built on a total area of 16,000 m2 (square meter) on the East side of the beautiful and green Hon Tam Island with unique-to-second terrace field architecture which carries the strong selling point that the waterfall and infinity pool overlook the stunning-view: ocean of Nha Trang Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.
TheNorth Yorkshirespa features multi-sensory sea-view saunas, soap steam baths, a rhassoul healing mud bath, a foot bath, plus private treatment rooms.
James McGrory Park turned into a mud bath as the Barrhead side went toe-to-toe with fellow high-flyers St Roch's.
Ramada Resort Dead Sea, part of the Wyndham Hotels Group- the largest hotelchain in the world,announces a new and unique service to its visitors and guests; The Mud Bath , being the first and only hotel in the Dead Sea to offer this muddy experience.
The 45-year-old Sudan moved during the night and took a "delicious mud bath" after long-awaited rains fell, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy said Saturday on Twitter.
A YOUNG leukaemia patient's "mud bath" back garden has been transformed into a safe haven for him to play in.
ENDING in a grand mud bath, the annual T3 Farm Challenge held at Still House Farm in Batley raised an impressive PS4,313.29 for Kirkwood Hospice and a further PS1,286.40 for the Yorkshire Down Syndrome Group.
Men--and a very few women--come out into the street shortly after the first call to prayer and gather around sandboxes which they fill with iosewatei to form a mud bath.
Letter Every Saturday during the week your full name In another ad, a dog turns every room of a house, together with the carpets and furniture, into a mud bath that is sorted with one drop of a cleaner and a simple wipe with a cloth.
While travelling to Calistoga, California, for the wedding of our friends' daughter and fiance, we decided to pass the morning before nuptials at one of the local spas and have a mud bath. The last time we enjoyed such a treatment was at the Dead Sea.