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Noun1.mud brick - a brick made from baked mud
brick - rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
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The AFP report had also shed light on how Chan Chan, the largest mud brick city in the world was the humble adobe of powerful elites, highly trained craftsmen and farmers before it was preyed on by the army led by the Inca emperor Topa Inca Yupanqui in 1470.
"This is what forces people to live in mud brick houses, but the conditions are dangerously unhygienic due to constant leakages and copious amounts of bacteria.
The main problem causing earthquake deaths in Iran is the use of unbaked mud brick in the construction of village homes with very thick walls.
Nubia's homes are primitive, not very high, a maximum of two floors and built of mud brick. From the first step into the Nubian Village, one feels comfortable and cheerful; the houses are decorated with beautiful, simple colors that are comfortable for the eyes.
It is made of mud brick and was constructed for pharaoh Senusret II in the Twelfth Dynasty on a 12 metre hill at the El-Lahun city outskirts.
A mud brick house in Aradippou collapsed shortly after midnight because of rain which had accumulated for several days.
Yemen's three-year war has taken a heavy toll on Sanaa's historic Old City, a dense warren of mosques, bath houses and 6,000 mud brick houses, which date from before the 11th century.
The tomb, unveiled to the media on Saturday, is made of mud brick and includes wall paintings in good condition depicting Hetpet observing different hunting and fishing scenes.
She'll remember how her hands would hardly close around the jars of oil, loose from days of grief and fasting and how, on her way to the cave where he was buried, she tripped on a mud brick in the middle of the path but somehow managed to keep her footing and go on, how her mind kept drifting back to the first day she met him, how strange she'd felt, and embarrassed, that when she saw his face, she came so close to calling him "Mother." And then, how that changed, how she never quite knew what to call him ...
According to media reports, the house in Ekmekciler village was made out of mud brick. The injured were rushed to Siirt State Hospital for treatment.
The joint Egyptian-German team excavating the site hopes to uncover the rest of the mud brick temple during the excavation season, the statement said.