mud wasp

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mud′ wasp`

any of several wasps that construct a nest of mud.
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"Check to see if critters have been chewing on any of the wiring," says Kellar, who has found mud wasp (mud dauber) nests and spiders inside engines, but the worst was a mouse that actually nested inside a cylinder.
Back in Canada Rice-Jones has developed a process for building up the complex curves of these organic sculptures through an accretion of pinched lumps of clay, like a mud wasp building a nest.
The distribution in Jamaica of the mud wasp Sceliphron assimile (Dahlbom) (Sphecidae) and its associates.
the barrel, and was shocked that it was completely stopped up by a mud wasp nest.
RUTA GRAVEOLENS (rue) Mud wasps, potter wasps, parasitic wasps
Mud wasps are common worldwide and their nests may last thousands of years.
Attracts: mud wasps, parasitic wasps, potter wasps.