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1. Mentally confused.
2. Inept; blundering.

mud′dle-head′ed·ness n.
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[ˈmʌdlˌhɛdɪd] adj (person) → confusionario/a; (ideas) → confuso/a
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(ˈmadl) verb
to confuse or mix up. Don't talk while I'm counting, or you'll muddle me.
a state of confusion. These papers keep getting in a muddle.
ˈmuddled adjective
muddled thinking.
ˈmuddle-headed adjective
incapable of clear thinking. Men think that all women are muddle-headed.
muddle along/through
to progress in spite of one's unsatisfactory methods and foolish mistakes.
muddle up
to confuse (eg two different things). I'm always muddling the twins up; I've muddled up these book orders.
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The advocates of the tinder-box-and-pedlar view considered the other side a muddle-headed and credulous set, who, because they themselves were wall-eyed, supposed everybody else to have the same blank outlook; and the adherents of the inexplicable more than hinted that their antagonists were animals inclined to crow before they had found any corn--mere skimming-dishes in point of depth--whose clear-sightedness consisted in supposing there was nothing behind a barn-door because they couldn't see through it; so that, though their controversy did not serve to elicit the fact concerning the robbery, it elicited some true opinions of collateral importance.
'What a precious muddle-headed chap you are!' said Duff, addressing Mr.
My own conviction is, that this muddle-headed local police-officer is as much in the dark as ever, and is simply trying to gain time.
And for the Fifa authorities: Don't implement baffling and often muddle-headed technology without thinking things through.
I abandoned it a decade ago because of its arrogance and its muddle-headed policy, so soon after it delivered us so stunningly into democracy.
Furthermore, our nincompoop politicians seem to have become so 'muddle-headed', and confused by parliamentary rigmarole, and other procedures, they've forgotten the simple meaning of democracy.
At the risk of being branded as facetious, muddle-headed or worse, one may be permitted to elucidate.
A handful of muddle-headed and poorly-informed but well-intentioned legislators have opened a Pandora's box, because even if the proposed bills lapse the seeds are sown for a continuity of action in the next government.
"My overriding feeling as we paid the price of our muddle-headed defeat by Wales and our no-show against the Wallabies was one of real sorrow," he said.
Daniels understands the human condition as do some of the great psychiatrists I have known, and this separates him from some of the muddle-headed professionals attracted to psychiatry.
Impetuous, temperamental, inconsistent, irresponsible, unprofessional, divisive, muddle-headed, uninspiring, conspiratorial, terrible leader and a misogynist who believes women should stick to the kitchen and not play cricket.
I suspect that the coming elections have a lot to do with the muddle-headed actions of our legislators, but it is up to us