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1. Mentally confused.
2. Inept; blundering.

mud′dle-head′ed·ness n.
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[ˈmʌdlˌhɛdɪd] adj (person) → confusionario/a; (ideas) → confuso/a
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(ˈmadl) verb
to confuse or mix up. Don't talk while I'm counting, or you'll muddle me.
a state of confusion. These papers keep getting in a muddle.
ˈmuddled adjective
muddled thinking.
ˈmuddle-headed adjective
incapable of clear thinking. Men think that all women are muddle-headed.
muddle along/through
to progress in spite of one's unsatisfactory methods and foolish mistakes.
muddle up
to confuse (eg two different things). I'm always muddling the twins up; I've muddled up these book orders.
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it's that thing when you good-naturedly try to explain a complex issue to a woman and see her eyes glaze over due to total inability to concentrate and general muddle-headedness. Now a union in Sweden is setting up a hotline for women workers to call should they fall 'victim' to mansplaining.
At the heart of this mess is David Cameron's own muddle-headedness. He cannot decide what social housing is for.
For too many on the political Left, concern for the experience or fate of non-human animals for their own sake rather than exclusively as an expression of enlightened self-interest in preserving natural resources for human exploitation is just so much middle-class muddle-headedness. Compassion is cast as a zero-sum game: an ounce of pity for a tortured lab animal or a species rendered homeless by the felling of a forest detracts from our capacity to stand with suffering humanity.
Just sometimes, though, there are reasons for their muddle-headedness.
Locke comes to the eventual conclusion that the lack of a firm Anglican doctrinal position to undergird its polity is actually a positive advantage rather than a sign of muddle-headedness. Although Anglicans have typically looked to both scripture and tradition, including the early ecumenical councils, as sources of religious authority, they have generally chosen to see truth as a moving target that emerges in clarity dialectically over time rather than a matter to be formulated on the pins of doctrinal pronouncements.
A SMETHURST'S letter advocating the re-introduction of National Service (Letters, July 7), while undoubtedly well-intentioned, reflects the general muddle-headedness of mainstream opinion on this subject.
MAURICE WILLIAMS Caerphilly THE muddle-headedness and hypocrisy of the First Minister for Wales, Rhodri Morgan, appears to knowno bounds, and one wonders what the people of Wales have done to deserve such a representative.
Hence the muddle-headedness from the race relations lobby when the BNP's leader Nick Griffin and his crony walked free from court after being cleared of stirring up racial hatred.
Pragmatism aside, the ban is also ill-advised because it sanctions muddle-headedness and feeds demagoguery.