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1. Mentally confused.
2. Inept; blundering.

mud′dle-head′ed·ness n.
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[ˈmʌdlˌhɛdɪd] adj (person) → confusionario/a; (ideas) → confuso/a


(ˈmadl) verb
to confuse or mix up. Don't talk while I'm counting, or you'll muddle me.
a state of confusion. These papers keep getting in a muddle.
ˈmuddled adjective
muddled thinking.
ˈmuddle-headed adjective
incapable of clear thinking. Men think that all women are muddle-headed.
muddle along/through
to progress in spite of one's unsatisfactory methods and foolish mistakes.
muddle up
to confuse (eg two different things). I'm always muddling the twins up; I've muddled up these book orders.
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it's that thing when you good-naturedly try to explain a complex issue to a woman and see her eyes glaze over due to total inability to concentrate and general muddle-headedness.
At the heart of this mess is David Cameron's own muddle-headedness.
For too many on the political Left, concern for the experience or fate of non-human animals for their own sake rather than exclusively as an expression of enlightened self-interest in preserving natural resources for human exploitation is just so much middle-class muddle-headedness.
Just sometimes, though, there are reasons for their muddle-headedness.
Locke comes to the eventual conclusion that the lack of a firm Anglican doctrinal position to undergird its polity is actually a positive advantage rather than a sign of muddle-headedness.
A SMETHURST'S letter advocating the re-introduction of National Service (Letters, July 7), while undoubtedly well-intentioned, reflects the general muddle-headedness of mainstream opinion on this subject.
MAURICE WILLIAMS Caerphilly THE muddle-headedness and hypocrisy of the First Minister for Wales, Rhodri Morgan, appears to knowno bounds, and one wonders what the people of Wales have done to deserve such a representative.
Hence the muddle-headedness from the race relations lobby when the BNP's leader Nick Griffin and his crony walked free from court after being cleared of stirring up racial hatred.