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1. A flowing mass of soft, wet, unconsolidated earth and fine-grained debris, made fluid by rain or melted snow and often building up great speed.
2. The deposit resulting from such a flow.


(Geological Science) geology a flow of soil or fine-grained sediment mixed with water down a steep unstable slope



a flow of mixed earth debris containing a large amount of water.
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'Thirty three road sections are closed to all types of vehicles: 24 in CAR, two in Region I, and four in Region III, due to rock debris, slides, fallen trees, mudflow, rock and soil collapse, washed-out road, road cut, damaged slope protection and electric post, road slip, eroded bridge approach, fallen trees and flooding,' the DPWH said in its 6:00 a.m.
Abe expresses condolences to Philippine president over mudflow victims
The authors propose that the mud, after it erupted from the ground, oozed down the slope in a way unlike any mudflow on Earth.
"The Prime Minister expressed condolences to families of those killed and injured in the mudflow in Suzak district of Jalal-Abad region," said the press service of the Government.
Helens, foresters were astounded to see alder shoots determinedly pushing through the ash-laden mudflow that had wiped out conifers in the valley of the Toutle River, and by 1982 the trees were already seven feet tall.
Alvin Alamin, 23, was struck by debris and fell off a ravine as mudflow crashed into the Cagayan-Calanasan road following light to moderate rains.
But the agency still cautioned residents to stay alert as mudflow and lahar flow may still occur, adding they should steer clear of the danger zone of the volcano.
Although the Construction Ministry could not confirm any mudflow in local rivers, authorities are remaining on alert for volcanic mudflow as the mountain is covered in snow, and rain and snow have fallen intermittently in the area since Friday evening, they said.
Land-use zoning, professional inspections, and proper design can minimize many landslide, mudflow, and debris flow problems.
To date, there have been no deaths directly related to the mud volcano, although 11 people died in a gas explosion in November 2006 that is thought to have been caused by the mudflow
The mudflow demolished 12 bridges of local significance and washed out motor roads.