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also mud pup·py (mŭd′pŭp′ē)
n. pl. mud·pup·pies also mud pup·pies
Any of several large eastern North American aquatic salamanders of the genus Necturus, especially N. maculosus, that have feathery dark red external gills. Also called water dog.


(Animals) any aquatic North American salamander of the genus Necturus, esp N. maculosus, having red feathery external gills and other persistent larval features: family Proteidae. See also neoteny


(ˈmʌdˌpʌp i)

n., pl. -pies.
any of several often large, aquatic salamanders of the genus Necturus, of E North America, having bushy, red gills and well-developed limbs.
[1880–85, Amer.]
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Use of eDNA to Predict the Presence of Mudpuppies (Necturus maculosus maculosus) along the St.
Apart from their enticing cheese and cookie straws, they also produce Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mudpuppies, and Trailer Trash along with Lemon, Key Lime, Sriracha, Cinnamon Pecan, Asiago, Three Cheese, Caramel Sea Salt, Toasted Almond Cookie, and Cranberry straw flavors.
Q: After reading the article about hellbenders in our last issue, several people contacted us and asked: Are hellbenders and mudpuppies the same critter?
The algae responds to certain stressed environments by releasing a toxin that ruptures the tissue cells in the mouths and gills of fish, depriving them of oxygen and causing them to suffocate--hence the desperate attempts of the fish and mudpuppies to escape the river.
In addition to the 42,000 fish, 15,000 freshwater mussels and 6,000 mudpuppies that were killed, the commission said the polluted water resulted in at least 1,455 "lost" fishing trips to the creek.
24 What kind of creatures are the North American mudpuppies, so named because people believed (wrongly) that they could bark?
Some companion species that share the hellbender stream are other non-game aquatic indicator species such as log perch, darters, freshwater mussels, aquatic insect larva, freshwater sponge, crayfish, madtom catfish, mudpuppies, frogs, toads and turtles.
I took care not to trigger my stammer by telling her I had just seen watercress, water striders, eelgrass, mudpuppies, duckweed, pickerelweed, horned pout, and water with trembling algae, wavy larvae, and waterlogged trees like slumbering alligators three feet down.
Larvae of the tiger salamander are occasionally incorrectly referred to as mudpuppies but are considerably different in most of their biology as well as appearance.
Mudpuppies, however, are permanently aquatic, so the odorants they experience should be the same as fish, that is water-borne, hydrophilic odorants.
Mudpuppies are encountered infrequently in waters of the island region (e.