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Any of various gobies, chiefly of the genus Periophthalmus, that are found in coastal areas of the Indo-Pacific region and western Africa and are able to move about on land using their pectoral fins.


(Animals) any of various gobies of the genus Periophthalmus and related genera that occur in tropical coastal regions of Africa and Asia and can move on land by means of their strong pectoral fins


(ˈmʌdˌskɪp ər)

any goby of the genera Periophthalmus and Boleophthalmus, of tropical Pacific coasts, living around mud flats and able to maneuver out of water for limited periods.
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Noun1.mudskipper - found in tropical coastal regions of Africa and Asiamudskipper - found in tropical coastal regions of Africa and Asia; able to move on land on strong pectoral fins
goby, gudgeon - small spiny-finned fish of coastal or brackish waters having a large head and elongated tapering body having the ventral fins modified as a sucker
genus Periophthalmus, Periophthalmus - a genus of Gobiidae
سَمَك نَطّاط على الصُّخور
pez del fango
bataklık balığı


(mad) noun
wet soft earth.
ˈmuddy adjective
covered with or containing mud. muddy boots/water.
to make muddy. You've muddied the floor!
ˈmudflat noun
(often in plural) an area of muddy seaside land which is covered with water at high tide.
ˈmudguard noun
a shield or guard over the wheel of a car, bicycle etc to keep mud, rainwater etc from splashing upwards.
ˈmudskipper noun
a small fish found in shallow coastal waters, able to jump about and climb low rocks to look for food.
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Thats one conclusion from a new study of African mudskipper fish and a robot modeled on the animal.
The Storytellers will transport audiences across the pond to the USA via Canada with Bruce Springsteen by The Rising, Bryan Adams by Teesside's own The Bryan Adams Experience and the rockabilly/country tones of Creedence Clearwater Revival by Mudskipper.
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