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One who makes malicious charges and otherwise attempts to discredit an opponent, as in a political campaign.

mud′sling′ing n.
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Noun1.mudslinger - one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
depreciator, detractor, disparager, knocker - one who disparages or belittles the worth of something
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The Mudslinger is designed and manufactured by Vector Technologies Ltd., a Vac-Con company.
A novel yet ingenious idea, Rig'Em Right has blended the features of a high-country hunting pack with the needs of a waterfowl hunter to build the Mudslinger Floating Backpack.
Supporter's badge (7) LAST WEEK'S SOLUTION: Across - 1 Cross-purposes; 10 Lucia; 11 Expedition; 13 Ecotype; 15 Troopship; 16 Nadia; 17 Confess; 19 Sol; 20 Hanger-on; 21 Escallop; 24 Fee; 25 America; 26 Caste; 27 Countdown; 30 Enamour; 31 Mudslinger; 33 Glace; 34 Alternatively.
Mudslinger (the pig) and John Vincent (the trainer) performed a trick with golf and soccer ball and impressed the judges.
The convention slot adds to the attention already raining down on Cruz, who this week further increased his visibility by assuming a new role of sorts for the Romney campaign: mudslinger.
And when the mudslinger has either sold his soul or allowed himself to be used as a pawn.
Lanard originally produced and sold a toy vehicle called the "Mudslinger," which was modeled after the Humvee, including a similar grille design.
Tiger Woods has hit back in his row with Rory McIlroy, telling the young European mudslinger that he's itching to tame him.
Today Nolan saddles Cuan Na Grai and Mudslinger in the 2.20
Granted, the easiest route to follow can be to believe all the "mudslinging" that goes through the election and then vote for the most effective "mudslinger."