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adj. mug·gi·er, mug·gi·est
Warm and extremely humid.

[Probably from Middle English mugen, to drizzle; akin to Old Norse mugga, a drizzle.]

mug′gi·ness n.
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Noun1.mugginess - a state of warm humidity
humidity, humidness - wetness in the atmosphere
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Six of the LHWs reportedly fainted owing to scorching heat and mugginess.
They can also be utilized for habitat monitoring applications and for study changes in phenomena, for example, temperature and sound mugginess (Kianifar, Naji and Malakooti, 2015).
However, it might increase "mugginess" in summer creating slight difficulty for normal life.
LAHORE -- Mugginess is an extremely uncomfortable weather condition.
The rains probably tell us about life -- that even as suffer the mugginess and humidity of summer, we can look forward to the renaissance brought about by the rainy season.
Despite Broad's insistence that the criticism did not spur him into action, Vaughan will feel that his work is done in getting a wicket-taking response from Broad, who looked in fine fettle, using the swing from the mugginess in the atmosphere to good effect.
Mist, fog and the general mugginess of humidity is expected to grow through the day and , and the sea is expected to be rough-moderate in the Arabian Gulf and moderate in Oman Sea.
The oppressive mugginess of the city had lifted, giving way to weather cool enough that I considered digging out the one light sweater I brought.
Through the open window, along with a breeze that's small relief for the mugginess of Istanbul in summer, comes a screech, a series of staccato honks, and shouting.