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Noun1.mujahadin - a military force of Muslim guerilla warriors engaged in a jihad; "some call the mujahidin international warriors but others just call them terrorists"
act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear
military force, military group, military unit, force - a unit that is part of some military service; "he sent Caesar a force of six thousand men"
Mujahedeen Khalq - Iranian guerillas based in Iraq
mujahid - a Muslim engaged in what he considers to be a jihad
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The other ongoing projects were detailed designs and construction of 6.5MW Mujahadin HPP on River Barando in Torghar district along with carrying out of transmission line with total cost of Rs 4195.644million, restructuring of Electric Inspectorate of the Energy and Power Development KP, construction and completion of remaining mini macro-hydropower projects under 365MMHPPs with total capacity of 35.6MW costing Rs52550.190million and electrification of un-electrified villages through solar and alternate energy resources in remaining districts costing Rs325.490 million of KP.
The shooting down of a Russian rescue helicopter with a US made missile recalls the time when the USA helped the mujahadin oust Russia from Afghanistan only to be drawn in there after 9/11.
The material was entitled Zaad-e-Mujahid and Incitement Of The Heroic Mujahadin In Reviving The Tradition Of Assassination.
Hogan agreed with Wax and fellow defense attorney Lawrence Matasar that the government failed to link Seda to an alleged 1999 plot to funnel the donation to mujahadin soldiers fighting Russian troops in Afghanistan.
The more the Soviets tried to bolster the communist government in Kabul the more the CIA and their Pakistani collaborators worked to strengthen the mujahadin. American involvement intensified after Ronald Regan took over from Jimmy Carter.
About 3,500 Iranians live in the camp that has housed the People's Mujahadin of Iran (PMOI) since 1980 when they were welcomed by then-President Saddam Hussein who was fighting a war against Iran.
"We want to show them they are not all-powerful and the mujahadin of Afghanistan can carry out attacks on our enemies in any part of the country," Zabiullah Mujahid, the spokesman, said.
Last night it was revealed that the terrorists - from the littleknown Deccan Mujahadin - could have been stopped two hours before the attacks began.
There have been other, less celebrated international brigades: thousands went from all over the world to fight alongside the Mujahadin, against Soviet might in Afghanistan (a group of Japanese martial artists turned up with traditional weapons such as rice flails); Muslims from many countries, not just Iran, went to Bosnia to defend Sarajevo; and, in 1982, the ultimately fruitless Palestinian defence of Beirut was reinforced by non-Palestinian volunteers from around the world.
When his baggage was examined, officers discovered images of armed men, one of them labeled "Mujahadin." Both passengers were refused entry to the United States.
He watched the Soviets enter in the early 80's, then the Mujahadin and then the Taliban.