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n. Informal
A driver of mules; a muleteer.
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(134.) Prosecutions, Fines Increase in Puppy Mill Cases, MULESKINNER (Aug.
Only the camera can link Martinique with New Orleans, calypso with carioca, vodoun with Baptist shouts and West African ceremonies, rapping with Dominican group tale-telling, United States primitive sculpture with West African models, the blues with the muleskinner's holler and with Senegalese rice harvest song.
As the single sustainment brigade in theater, the 10th Sustainment Brigade, Task Force Muleskinner, would conduct its core mission of tactical sustainment and distribution by providing mission command for three task-organized combat sustainment support battalions (CSSBs) and one special troops battalion.
The 605th Engineer Detachment Construction Management Team took the lead on the operation, which included elements of the 7th Engineer Battalion (Task Force Red Devils); the 1st Battalion, 142d Infantry Regiment (Task Force Hydra), assuming the security role; and the 10th Sustainment Brigade (Task Force Muleskinner) supplying logistical support.
The November issue focuses on a number of those veterans: the 10th Mountain Division's oldest surviving "muleskinner," who fought in Italy in World War II; a Vietnam veteran who overcame depression and addiction; a former Green Beret who continues to serve his country and two Iraq War vets who organize community efforts to support their fellow veterans, among others.
(Muleskinner Blues and Old Friends bring memories of Stan, we're proud to have known a real gentleman.) Deepest sympathy to Josie a n d F a m i l y.
Contrary to the title, not all of Rodgers' songs are discussed, but only three very important ones: "Muleskinner Blues," "In the Jailhouse Now," and "T for Texas." That many of these songs were collected and patched together from existing sources will come as no surprise to scholars in the field, whereas fans may feel uncomfortable learning that the "Jimmie Rodgers song" they grew up hearing or singing originated in earlier recorded or, most shockingly, print sources (sheet music), as Neal points out in her discussion of "In the Jailhouse Now" (pp.
The platoon of IA military police and one squad with an attachment of Iraqi emergency police conducted a cordon-and-knock operation in the southern portion of the Sarai neighboorhood and throughout 9 kilometers of Muleskinner battlespace to the south of the city.
Among her notable early works were her 1956 album "Odetta Sings Ballads and Blues," which included such songs as "Muleskinner Blues" and "Jack O' Diamonds"; and her 1957 "At the Gate of Horn," which featured the popular spiritual "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."
The appreciative ears of Dylan were drawn to her performances on songs such as Muleskinner Blues, Jack O' Diamonds and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, which were also taken up by young skifflers in England.
With chapter headings such as "Lizzie and the Governor," "Wild Bill Meets a Muleskinner" and "Enter Prefontaine," this book reads as classic Oregon history.
When the weather turns really sour, slip the Muleskinner Vest on over your other layers.