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 (myo͞o′lē, mo͝ol′ē, mo͞o′lē)
Having no horns: muley cattle.
n. pl. mu·leys
An animal without horns, especially a cow.

[From Irish Gaelic maol (from Old Irish mael) or from Welsh moel, bald, hornless.]


(ˈmjuːlɪ) or


(Animals) (of cattle) having no horns
(Animals) any hornless cow
[C16: variant of dialect moiley, from Gaelic maol, Welsh moel bald]


(ˈmyu li, ˈmʊl i)

(of cattle or deer) hornless; polled.
[1565–75; variant of dial. moiley < Irish maol or Welsh moel bald, hornless]


A dictionary definition is “naturally hornless,” and indeed hornless cows, particularly hornless old milk cows, were sometimes called muleys. However, the term was also applied to other things that appeared to be missing some feature. One example was the muley cultivator, which was a horse-drawn cultivator designed to not have a tongue.
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We returned to Constantinople, and the following year, seventy-three, it became known that Don John had seized Tunis and taken the kingdom from the Turks, and placed Muley Hamet in possession, putting an end to the hopes which Muley Hamida, the cruelest and bravest Moor in the world, entertained of returning to reign there.
Another trick I tried upon him, which he innocently came into also: his name was Ismael, which they call Muley, or Moely; so I called to him - "Moely," said I, "our patron's guns are on board the boat; can you not get a little powder and shot?
However, for me, a certified plains dweller, chasing hard-antlered muleys across sage-dappled flats littered with winding dry creeks is as good as it gets.
Some bowhunters are hooked on pursuing muleys at lung-searing altitudes in the alpine.
However, a whole bunch of muleys are still out there.
A friend of mine who resided in a small, eastern Colorado town had been telling me of the big whitetail bucks he'd been encountering regularly while pursuing high-plains muleys. Not really interested in whitetails, he suggested I come out to his area so he could show me around the country.
That fall and winter, 1 saw 11 different 4x4 and 5x5 muleys in my yard and adjacent acreage.
Rifle hunters yearning for an athletic hunt may pursue alpine muleys during "High Buck Hunts," which are open September 15th to September 25th in 2017.
During late season, I've had muleys march past a well-placed ground blind where canyons meet crops, but I've also slithered through the snow during subzero temperatures to approach bedded bucks.
Atcheson admitted that a few other states like Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming offered better potential for a HUGE mule deer, but the number of NICE muleys in Montana was impossible to beat.
Since all muleys and blacktails are subspecies of each other, this is a matter of interpretation.