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Vimy's flagship project is the Mulga Rock Project, one of Australia's largest undeveloped uranium resources, which is located 240km ENE of Kalgoorlie in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia.
This is a big project that will be carried out on a number of properties in central south-west Queensland, with pilot sites located in the Brigalow Belt, Mulga Lands and Mitchell Grass Downs regions, covering around two million hectares.
I begin by recalling two personal experiences: first, an earlier reading of Martin Heidegger's A Dialogue on Language (1982) where two men (metaphorically) walk a path, one a stranger, anxious that his unfamiliarity with the language they speak will lead them astray, the other guiding the stranger to what is an unfamiliar, hermeneutic approach to thinking; and second, my own experience of walking, accompanied by a very young Aboriginal child, about sixty metres through visually impenetrable and amorphous mulga scrub with my companion reading her country by way of animal tracks, faint marks that until then had been beyond my ken.
Paul Getty Museum present their intellectual properties (IPs) at the debuting Art and Museum Zone, while Mulga and Jimmy Liao also make their maiden appearance at the show.
Dalai RC, Harms BP, Krull ES, Wang WJ (2005a) Total soil organic matter and its labile pools following mulga (Acacia aneura) clearing for pasture development and cropping 1.
While the Outback may not sound torturous, what with a cozy resto named after it in the Philippines, I kid you not, it is barren, save for saltbushes, small mulga trees and a few other flora species, and totally unforgiving.
Gaius are most common in the mallee and mulga woodlands, Acacia shrublands and spinifex (Triodia) plains of the Western Australian interior, where they build deep burrows in clay or hard loam soils.
Jefferson County sheriff's deputies rescued 17 pit bulls and found the remains of at least 11 dogs in the Mulga area, Alabama, on Sunday afternoon.
A list of Australia's most dangerous snakes reads: eastern brown, western brown, mainland tiger, inland taipan, coastal taipan, mulga, lowlands copperhead and the small-eyed snake.
ISTANBUL, June 18 (KUNA) -- Turkish coast guard arrested on Sunday 20 illegal immigrants west of Mulga, during their attempt to sneak into Greece illegally.
They vary in form from the huge single-stemmed Stringy-barks of south-eastern Australia, to the spindly multi-trunk Mulga of the Australian outback.
The mulga wood plaques produced for sale to tourists depicted religious themes, as well as desert animals and Aboriginal designs (French 2002:5).