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 (myo͞o′lē, mo͝ol′ē, mo͞o′lē)
Having no horns: muley cattle.
n. pl. mu·leys
An animal without horns, especially a cow.

[From Irish Gaelic maol (from Old Irish mael) or from Welsh moel, bald, hornless.]
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(ˈmjuːlɪ) or


(Animals) (of cattle) having no horns
(Animals) any hornless cow
[C16: variant of dialect moiley, from Gaelic maol, Welsh moel bald]
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(ˈmyu li, ˈmʊl i)

(of cattle or deer) hornless; polled.
[1565–75; variant of dial. moiley < Irish maol or Welsh moel bald, hornless]
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A dictionary definition is “naturally hornless,” and indeed hornless cows, particularly hornless old milk cows, were sometimes called muleys. However, the term was also applied to other things that appeared to be missing some feature. One example was the muley cultivator, which was a horse-drawn cultivator designed to not have a tongue.
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Sneaking along through the sagebrush, we managed to get above the big mulie. My first shot--at 223 yards--hit too far back (totally pilot error).
I jumped at the chance to use that barrel, and the hunt was a success--my antelope dropping at about 250 yards and a big mulie falling at last light at about 75.
What made the hunt even better was accompanying my hunting partner, Murray, as he took another trophy-class mulie the following day.
With: Eugenio Jose Roca, Manuel Moron, Vanesa Cabeza, Mulie Jarju.
And he's also likely to be packing or dragging out a nice archery animal, like the black bear, mulie buck, or record-book bull elk he bagged in 1988.
I've tried to come up with something better: "Dandiest Deer Dropper." "Wonderfulest Whitetail Whomper," "Marvelous Mulie Musket"--but as you can see, my efforts have been embarrassing.
For several years, Mark had been collecting sheds from a massive mulie near his family's farm.
Rather, she is the one with the "mulie" appearance and dominating demeanor.
Finally, if you've chosen to pursue the ultimate mulie buck, go for an alpine buck above the timberline.
He managed to successfully use it to harvest a four-by-four Texas mulie, and today, I still can't think of a better platform to evaluate a rifleman's mastery of his skill set in the field.