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"Agreed," said Robin presently, and the words were no sooner out of his mouth than the door opened and a serving-man entered bearing tray of mulled wine. At sight of the fellow's face, Robin gave an involuntary start of surprise which was instantly checked.
Jasper looks observantly from the one to the other, slightly smiles, and turns his back to mix a jug of mulled wine at the fire.
One night, I ordered a bottle of mulled wine at an hotel where I was staying, and waited a long time for it; at length it was put upon the table with an apology from the landlord that he feared it wasn't 'fixed properly.' And I recollect once, at a stage-coach dinner, overhearing a very stern gentleman demand of a waiter who presented him with a plate of underdone roast-beef, 'whether he called THAT, fixing God A'mighty's vittles?'
Here is a glass of mulled wine ready to our hand at the moment; and I say, "Uncle Scrooge."'
INGREDIENTS CREMEUX 100ml double cream 100ml whole milk 50g egg yolks 25g caster sugar 120g dark chocolate (55%) BRANDY ANGLAISE 1/2 x vanilla pod 100ml milk 35g caster sugar 150ml double cream 2 x egg yolks 50ml brandy Hazelnut wafer Blanched hazelnuts Granulated sugar JELLY 1 x bottle mulled wine, reduced to a light syrup - use around 200ml Christmas pudding (can be shop-bought) METHOD CREMEUX 1.
Snug tipis and igloo domes have popped up all over the city ready to welcome you with a warm mug of mulled wine or a whisky cocktail.
You can drink mulled wine, ride on a heritage railway and meet Santa in his grotto inCarmarthenshirethis weekend.
Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Nov 30 ( ANI ): What's Christmas without snow-capped mountains, an open fireplace in a cozy wooden chalet, buzzing Christmas markets, sipping the traditional mulled wine? Well, if you are living in a city that offers you none of the above and you are big on Christmas celebrations, head to Switzerland.
AS YOU relax with a glass of mulled wine in front of the Christmas tree this winter, you might think the festive season is playing havoc with your regular, healthier food choices.
Merseyside has no shortage of places giving shoppers the chance to pick up some handmade gifts or to sample some traditional foods and winter warmers like mulled wine and hot chocolate.
FIRST customers at Newcastle's new pop-up festive bar can enjoy free prosecco and mulled wine when it opens its doors today.