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Diagon Alley is the bustling backdrop to the enchanting attic, where storytelling, special events and live performances take place.Students got dressed up to visit Mulligrubs and pick up their groceries and explore the shelves of Flourish and Blotts to find their next favourite book!
Besides the likes of famous stores Mulligrubs and Flourish & Blotts, Potter fans can spot all sorts of tiny creatures and quirky detail if they look hard enough.
"I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading it, and that it saves you both from mulligrubs, depression of spirits, and onomatomania, vexation in having difficulty finding the right word."
THE fabulae argumentum of The Dutch Courtesan declares that the "difference betwixt the love of a courtesan and a wife" is the scope of the drama, but Marston's plotlines devoted to the courtesan Franceschina and the vintner Mulligrub complicate this simple formulation, along with the play's related epigraph, "Turpe est difficiles habere nugas." (1) Through a series of episodes, the playwright demonstrates that the two urban characters are not as unlike one another as one may initially think, given the behaviors they exhibit and the various forms of moral, economic, and social corruption they promote and, conversely, endure themselves at the hands of two self-styled "virtuous" citizen tricksters, one a city gentleman and the other a gallant knave, each claiming to act for the common good.
Even foulmouthed Cocledemoy, who unrelentingly schemes to "fiddle" Mulligrub "till he fist" (4.5.70-1) restores the objects he steals from the vintner.
Another character who illustrates this concept, in spite of her protestations to the contrary, is Mistress Mulligrub, although she is hardly a paragon of goodness whose unshakable credibility gives her the authority to make pronouncements.
Trick for Trick (1739), and The Vintner Trick'd (1746) neglected the upper plot entirely to feature solely the Mulligrub plot.