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Adj.1.multi-stemmed - having many stems
caulescent, cauline, stemmed - (of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground
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And in sheltered gardens you can grow it in a sunny spot, either trained on to a wall or pruned to make a multi-stemmed tree.
Sexanana is a dark green plant spread in most parts of Kgalagadi growing as multi-stemmed shrubby bushes or single stemmed trees with a spreading canopy which can be found with single branches extending outside the main canopy.
They tend to grow tall, with multi-stemmed branches that separate under the weight of snow.
The snowy mespilus, Amelanchier lamarckii Ballerina, is either grown as a small tree or a multi-stemmed shrub.
A red buckeye is a neatly rounded, multi-stemmed tree that sports upright clusters of crimson-red flowers.
If you live in a more rural location and have a problem with rabbits gnawing on young stems, install rabbit guards around single stems or chicken wire around multi-stemmed plants and rows of hedging.
Felling of 1 multi-stemmed Ash tree on the boundary of Churchyard and 52 Main Street, identified on plan as tree 59.
Other countries which have banned shisha are Pakistan, Jordan, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.Shisha includes tobacco products that may be flavoured or non-flavoured that are consumed using a single or multi-stemmed smoking instrument that contains water or other liquid through which the smoke passes before reaching the smoker and which the smoke passes before reaching the smoker and whose syrup tobacco content includes molasses, honey vegetable, glycerol and fruit flavours including apple, grape, lemon and mint.
OK TO ORCHIDS Orchids were everywhere - from the smaller varieties to multi-stemmed beauties, either in rich pinks or the purest of whites.
Bushy juneberries have the same qualities as the trees do, except that they are more multi-stemmed and shrubby.
The shishas, the single or multi-stemmed instrument for smoking flavoured tobacco, were confiscated, local Arabic daily Al Madina reported on Sunday.

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