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Adj.1.multi-valued - having many values, meanings, or appeals; "subtle, multivalent allegory"
ambiguous - having more than one possible meaning; "ambiguous words"; "frustrated by ambiguous instructions, the parents were unable to assemble the toy"
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StarRC parasitic extraction for multi-rail signoff with support for multi-valued standard parasitic exchange format (SPEF)
The membership function is a multi-valued characteristic function that defines the fuzzy set to a certain grade.
13] introduced multi-valued neutrosophic qualitative flexible approach based on likelihood for multi-criteria decision-making problems.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 3, 2016-Onsystex accelerates re-engineering of legacy multi-valued applications
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-October 3, 2016-Onsystex accelerates re-engineering of legacy multi-valued applications
Our scheme is based on AND-gates on multi-valued attributes with wildcards.
Nadler, Multi-valued contraction mappings, Pacific J.
In this paper we continue the study in [12] to cover the multi-valued case.
Kiran: Fixed point theorems for multi-valued mappings obtained by altering distances, Math.
Their topics include application fields and fundamental merits, learning algorithms in complex-valued neural networks using Wirtinger calculus, models of recurrent Clifford neural networks and their dynamics, a multi-layer feed-forward neural network with multi-valued neurons for brain-computer interfacing, and quaternionic fuzzy neural network for view-invariant color face image recognition.
Life in the world of multi-valued functions is hard: even adding them is a questionable operation

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