multibank holding company

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Noun1.multibank holding company - a bank holding company owning several banks
bank holding company - a holding company owning or controlling one or more banks
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Of these regulatory variables, only the branches to banks (br/bk) and the multibank holding company dummy variable (mbh) exhibit significant effects on the new charter rate regressions.
Northern Trust, a multibank holding company, will pay around $480 million for the financial services end of Baring's business, which includes fund administration and trust services.
Furthermore, the Commission did not find anything to link Bank One with the US defence group with respect to the acquisition of HDW, nor were there any indications that other companies were involved in the financing of the transaction.Bank One Corporation is a multibank holding company based in the United States.
(See box 2 for a short discussion of new bank failures versus new business failures.) TABLE 2 Descriptive statistics for hazard function data sets De novo Established banks banks Number of banks 303 2,350 Age of banks in 1985 (years) [less than] 1 [greater than] 25 Federal charters (%) 43.23 84.17 Urban locations (%) 78.55 18.81 Multibank holding company (%) 32.34 11.62 Southwest states (%), (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) 32.67 10.68 Mean equity/assets 0.368 0.098 Median assets (current dollars in thousands) 6,204 14,415 Outcome (number and % of sample) Failed before 1999 50 (16.5) 185 (7.9) Acquired before 1999 144 (47.5) 302 (12.9) Survived to 1999 109 (36.0) 1,863 (79.2) Notes: The de novo banks began operations during 1985.
(2.) The Board previously has determined that if an applicant's principal shareholder is associated with other one-bank holding companies, the proposed formation of a one-bank holding company is analyzed by the Board using the same standard that would be used for a multibank holding company acquisition.
Will levels of service be altered or differ depending on whether a bank or branch is affiliated with an instate versus out-of-state multibank holding company? Will large banks that have lost their traditional lending customer base to competition from capital markets look to the smaller markets to fill their own lending void as well as the void left by the demise of smaller banks?
Specifically, SIZE is measured as the natural log of total assets and BHC is a dummy variable equal to 1 if a bank is affiliated with a multibank holding company. As Shrieves and Dahl (1992) note, size may have an impact on a bank's capital ratios and level of portfolio risk because larger banks have greater access to capital markets.