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Meanwhile, the multichambered cave is a Katipunan hideout where freedom fighters led by Andres Bonifacio declared 'independence' from Spain for the first time in 1895.
Visitors with private nongasoline-powered watercraft less than 20 feet long -- boats, canoes, kayaks and multichambered inflatables that are either nationally certified or have factory-made hardened floors -- also can use the Silver Lake boat launch at Blackwell.
Each coalescent gall has two or more gall chambers, and they can also be called polythalamous, multichambered or multilocular galls.
So just how do you define the phenomenon known as K-pop - or, for that matter, the new multistranded, multichambered immersive performance piece called KPOP, which occupies two floors of a building in Hell's Kitchen, New York City?
There's a wondrous vibe about the island: there's a Luminarium (essentially a multichambered adult bouncy castle in which you can meditate in different coloured lights, so long as the smell of five-day-old festival socks doesn't throw you off balance), a beach area playing chillout music, a labyrinth, a Communist-style funfair, a museum area and a workout zone.
One novel design that emerged from this process, the double-acting bladder pump, was inspired by the heart, a multichambered biological pump with common walls (Figure 1).
Along with that enormous appetite, cows are born with the ability to digest almost any plant they can chew, thanks to a multichambered stomach and a helpful army of gut microbes that break down food that most mammals cannot.
Briefly, multichambered cover glass wells (Nunc, Naperville, CT) were seeded with GMC cells.
It will include freeze store, warehouses, multichambered cold store, labs for quality checking, packaging facilities, material handling infrastructure, asceptic pulping facilities and a research and development centre.
This test is performed by mixing different dilutions of test serum samples with a constant number of rabies virus isolates in a multichambered slide (4).
Isolated cells were suspended in DMEM, supplemented with 20% (v/v) FBS, 2 mM glutamine, streptomycin (50 mg/mL), and penicillin (50 U/mL) and plated at a density of 3 x [10.sup.6] cells/100 mm dishes and of 0.5-[10.sup.5] cells/chamber of multichambered slides.
a multichambered trochospiral stage followed by a single-chambered spherical stage (Be et al.

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