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 (mŭl′tē-kŭl′chər-əl, -tī-)
1. Of, relating to, or including several cultures.
2. Of or relating to a social or educational theory that encourages interest in many cultures within a society rather than in only a mainstream culture.

mul′ti·cul′tur·al·ism n.
mul′ti·cul′tur·al·ist n.
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(Sociology) consisting of, relating to, or designed for the cultures of several different races
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(ˌmʌl tiˈkʌl tʃər əl, ˌmʌl taɪ-)

of or pertaining to multiculturalism: a multicultural curriculum.
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Adj.1.multicultural - of or relating to or including several cultures; "a multicultural event"
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[ˌmʌltɪˈkʌltʃərəl] ADJmulticultural
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multi-cultural [ˌmʌltiˈkʌltʃərəl] adj [society] → multiculturel(le)
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Hollinger rightly points to the fact that in the multiculturalist vision, Jews in America have been too white, too successful, and too embracing of American values to be interesting enough to think about.
Clustered down at the other end of Arena B are the multiculturalist educators.
But, speaking from a larger perspective, one can also raise serious doubts about the ability of a multiculturalist policy of civic norms of cultural respect to sustain a stable and cohesive society.
And though ethnic identities originally encouraged assertions of America's rich multiculturalism, they also fueled those who opposed multiculturalist claims that race was a different and more persistent barrier.
Multiculturalist Carrie Brown-Wolf presents Soul Sunday: A Family's Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance, a handy and useful resource for parents and families striving to teach the virtue of religious tolerance to their children.
Cross's most updated model includes the following stages and examples of them: pre-encounter assimilation (e.g., being an American and being an individual are more important than being part of a racial group), pre-encounter miseducation (e.g., believing stereotypes and misinformation about Black people), pre-encounter self-hatred (e.g., harboring profound negative feeling about being Black), immersion-emersion anti-White (e.g., being consumed by anger and a hatred of White people), internalization Afrocentricity (e.g., beliefs individuals have about the importance of being Afrocentric), and internalization multiculturalist (e.g., having an identity that links three or more social reference groups; Cokley, 2005; Vandiver et al., 2000).
Such arguments are common enough on the European Left, which is, of course, officially "anti-racist." Its special brand of prejudice tends to be expressed in the name of a universalist, multiculturalist ideal and defending the Palestinian "Other." What makes this particularly objectionable is the accompanying effort to boycott, ostracize, and exclude Israel from the community of nations--a cumulative process which if successful, might help to bring about its demise.
For though some may dismiss my view as the witless yammerings of a multiculturalist pawn, I did not greet CNOOC's watershed proposal with sorrow, remorse or nostalgia for a more innocent time when the Chinese economy was a harmless joke.
Ilan Stavans is a multiculturalist at its best: born in Mexico of Jewish descent with Eastern European origins, he speaks six languages fluently and has been immersed in dictionaries all his life.
By Kaufmann's own account the once-dominant WASP has been replaced by the illiberal multiculturalist, whose numbers may be small but who controls the organs of opinion through the universities and the media.
The multiculturalist paradigm now on the rise in Europe and the West was the operational paradigm that ruled the Muslim world for thirteen centuries, flowing from the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad as understood and implemented by his immediate successors.
But in the multiculturalist program, we've all been robbed of Heine--and Kant and Schiller--because of their nationality or ethnicity.

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