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Frank Molla, the Country Director of Mastercard said the institution is committed to driving people's engagement into the cashless economy the multicurrency card is one of the solutions towards effective implementation of these efforts.
US-based money transfer firm, TransferWise has said that it has launched a multicurrency debit card.
I also am now well versed in multicurrency, translation, and revaluation, and I gained the knowledge of consolidation and equity method.
In addition to guaranteeing the best foreign currency exchange rates, UAE Exchange's multicurrency prepaid travel card offers a currency exchange rate-lock facility that allows customers to take advantage of currency volatility and be protected against rate fluctuations.
Kimihisa Imada, President of JCB International, the international operations subsidiary of JCB, remarked, "Signing the global partnership MOU with Stripe, which provides multicurrency online payment processing to merchants around the world, gives us a way to offer even more convenient payment to our JCB cardmembers worldwide.
In 2016 Yoritex has started development of the First European Cross-Border Multicurrency Online Bank for EU Non Residents (SimcoePay[TM] project).
Mumbai (India), July 24 ( ANI ): The Standard Chartered Bank on Monday launched a 'Multicurrency Forex Card' to allow customers the convenience of loading up to 20 widely used currencies on one card with an online reload facility during overseas travel.
The central governing body of the European monetary union reportedly is on edge as it grapples withAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA British Prime Minister David Camer call to reimagine the European Union as a "multicurrency union," the ( Financial Times reported .
(STO: SNTC) has completed voluntary prepayment and cancellation of all outstanding facilities under the EUR 275m multicurrency term loan and revolving credit facility agreement from 13 may 2014 in connection with its in connection the acquisition of more than 99% of shares in Sanitec by Swiss bathroom products maker Geberit AG.
Moody's Investors Service has assigned a P-1 rating to the USD5 billion multicurrency commercial paper (CP) and certificate of deposit (CD) program to be established by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC).
Local, in-country accounts and offshore, multicurrency accounts each have advantages.
Instead, his company and others that operate in multiple currencies can set up a notional multicurrency cash pool, which allows the treasury to hedge both payables and receivables without ever having to enter into an FX contract.