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Having great variety; diverse.

[From Latin multifāriam, in many places : multi-, multi- + -fāriam, adv. suff.; see dhē- in Indo-European roots.]

mul′ti·far′i·ous·ly adv.
mul′ti·far′i·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.multifariousness - noticeable heterogeneitymultifariousness - noticeable heterogeneity; "a diversity of possibilities"; "the range and variety of his work is amazing"
heterogeneity, heterogeneousness - the quality of being diverse and not comparable in kind
biodiversity - the diversity of plant and animal life in a particular habitat (or in the world as a whole); "a high level of biodiversity is desirable"
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The quality of being made of many different elements, forms, kinds, or individuals:
Biology: polymorphism.
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A fashion product is showing drive and multifariousness in Pakistan.
In today's episode, the final installment of the Mixtape miniseries, we turn to Yitzhak Rabin's 1995 assassination, and to two songsone taking us decades back, the other catapulting us forward into the 21st centurythat symbolize the messy multifariousness of Israeli society.
With the Leonard Milberg collection at Princeton, the field has an archive; with the reemergence of Studies in American Jewish Literature, under the editorship of Benjamin Schreier, it has a location for innovative scholarly and critical work; and with Wirth-Nesher's Cambridge History--which captures both the vital and vitalizing multifariousness of the field and also the editor's unique vision that gives that multifariousness a conceptual coherence--it finally, finally has its very worthy, Spiller-like, monumental history, a volume that will no doubt be the point d'appui for all new research in the generation to come.
Professor Smith said: "The panel of judges assembled for 2018 under my chairmanship bring to their formidable task experience of Wales and the world, of the practice of creative writing in prose and poetry, of drama and communication, of readers' expectations and writers' risktaking, and, of course, of the multifariousness of Dylan himself.
In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the network size and complexity of network structure and functionality, multifariousness of new network services has emerged, such as virtual cloud computing, large-scale data center, and various streaming media, which has put forward severe challenges in configuring, operating, and managing traditional network.
(119) The master caste is short-willed; the slave caste is unreliable; and, through these "creatures," the Will to Power, guided by the highly spirited caste, will work "to give birth to its god and see all mankind at his feet." (120) And the emotional reward will be extreme: "To bring out the form of multifariousness of man, to smash him when a variety of type has had its culmination--to be thus creating and annihilating seems to me the supreme delight that men can have." (121)
[Freud's] increasing stress on moving from a chronological, 'time'-dependent notion of 'stages' of development to a theory of imbrications, parallels, simultaneity, and diachronology; [...] Freud's later works [...] posit a fluidity, a multifariousness, a complex 'time' of space, not a simple 'time' of place, an awareness verbally expressed, that every moment is a historical one--a summation of a person's life.
This agreement is based on the three foundations and pilaster for multifariousness cooperation such as
The show captured the impossibility of capturing the essence of those years in that place, given the multifariousness of the activities and artistic practices that flowered there.
Rather than developing one coherent theorization directed towards greater conceptual clarity, the editors successfully present the multifariousness of uncertainty by grouping the different chapters together in two parts.
1 gives a few examples of universals in order to demonstrate their multifariousness with regard to their content and specificity.
The Italian Cinema Book is not recommended, however, for audiences that are just approaching the subject, like the Italian cultural studies scholar who lacks film studies knowledge or the film studies student who is approaching Italian national cinema for the first time, as its multifariousness makes it a hard-to-work tool when learning from scratch.