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adj. Biology
Having many clefts forming lobes: multifid leaves.


(ˈmʌltɪfɪd) or


having or divided into many lobes or similar segments: a multifid leaf.
[C18: from Latin multifidus, from multus many + findere to split]
ˈmultifidly adv
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An epiaxial muscular dissection was performed in all animals (trapezius, spinal and semispinal, rhomboid, oblique, longissimus, multifid and iliocostal muscles were removed), and a vertebral laminectomy exposed the vertebral canal.
Leaves opposite, rarely verticillate or alternate, composite, 2-3-foliolate, ternate, pinnate, bipinnate or digitate, rarely simple, entire, crenate or serrate, venation pinnatinerved to palmatinerved; in lianas terminal leaflet can be substituted by tendril (simple, bifid, trifid or multifid).