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adj. Biology
Having many clefts forming lobes: multifid leaves.
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(ˈmʌltɪfɪd) or


having or divided into many lobes or similar segments: a multifid leaf.
[C18: from Latin multifidus, from multus many + findere to split]
ˈmultifidly adv
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The multifidus (MU) and internal oblique (IO) muscles, acting in co-contraction, stabilize the trunk and control the segmental movement of the spine, keeping it in a neutral position.
[13,14] It has been also reported that the multifidus muscle is stiffer in patients with chronic low back pain than in asymptomatic patients with reference to elastographic measurements.
Are MRI defined fat infiltrations in the multifidus muscles associated with low back pain?
thomasi (in coral patches East Placencia), Astichopus multifidus (in coral-associated areas between SWCMR and GSSCMR), Actinopyga agassizi (along with H.
The posterior rami of spinal nerves T2 through T6 are anatomically unique in that they pass through the multifidus spinae muscle at a right-angle (90-degree) course en route to the epidermis, and therefore may be more susceptible to injury, which is why Massey and Pleet, as well as Pecina et al.
Assessment of several outcomes could not be included, such as surgically-induced spinal instability, paraspinal muscle denervation, particularly multifidus muscle atrophy, muscle cell injury, peri-operative blood loss and post-operative use of analgesics.
The core muscles include your transverse abdominus, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae, pelvic floor and diaphragm.
The fat content of the psoas (PS), erector spinae (ES), and multifidus (MF) muscles was measured on the same central L3 axial image (Fig.
The primary focus should be the paraspinal musculature--the erector spinae and transversospinalis groups--but the transversospinalis musculature (rotatores, multifidus, semispinalis) in the laminar groove of the spine should be especially focused on.
Ilk ve son MRG cekimi arasindaki sure, tetkik sayisi, transisyonel vertebra varligi, iki tetkik arasinda yeni ortaya cikan patoloji veya mevcut patolojide artis veya azalis, lomber lordoz icin L-Cobb acisinda degisim, multifidus kas atrofisi, disk dejenerasyonu, lomber spinal dar kanal, varsa spondilolistesis derecesi karsilastirilmistir.
These species were distributed along the Yucatan coast in waters 20-30 m deep, apparently with a geographic segregation: Astichopus multifidus, more abundant in the Campeche coast, Isostichopus badionotus, and Holothuria floridana more abundant at Yucatan coast.