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Numerous and varied; manifold.


many times doubled; manifold


(ˈmʌl təˌfoʊld)

numerous and varied; manifold.
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Unfortunately, after the strong role that women in BiH have had throughout history, in 2018, many of us are on the very margins of society, we do not decide on important economic and political issues, we do not participate in important decision-making about the present and future of our country, we are not negotiating about constitutional changes or the reform agenda, there aren't any of us in the Presidency of BiH, the unemployment rate of women is alarmingly high, and marginalized women are discriminated against at multifold levels, stated the CURE Foundation.
In markets like UAE, we were able to outperform the industry showcasing a multifold expansion.
This award underscores our ability to work closely to understand deep problems of our customers and deliver uniquely crafted automation solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership and multifold increase in operational efficacy," said chairman, Armstrong, Vinit Majgaonkar, while accepting the award.
PickTaxi will help these cab operators to become cab aggregators with less investment by automating their business processes which results in increased returns and multifold revenues.
Making money is a challenge for most investors in the best of times, in an economic downturn the odds go up multifold.
He said that the development funding have been increased multifold, which would help develop infrastructure and boost job market, leading to economic growth.
Andrey Burtsev, Commercial Director for Middle East, Africa and Asia markets, Interpipe said, "The Steel Alliance Against Counterfeiting (SAAC) employs a multifold approach against counterfeiters.
Andrey Burtsev, commercial director for Middle East, Africa and Asia markets, Interpipe, said : "The Steel Alliance Against Counterfeiting (SAAC) employs a multifold approach against counterfeiters.
With the signing of a deal Tuesday with Penguin Random House, former President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama's total net worth will increase multifold.
The adverse consequences on their future are multifold and cannot be downplayed,' she added.
The Company expects the number of customers getting digitally on-boarded using Aadhaar based e-KYC to grow multifold as it ramps up the rollout of devices.
Increased availability of content assets with dynamic navigation drives field sales utilisation of digital content multifold.

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