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Occurring in or having many forms or shapes.

mul′ti·for′mi·ty (-fôr′mĭ-tē) n.
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The quality of being made of many different elements, forms, kinds, or individuals:
Biology: polymorphism.
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Of course, recognizing multiformity in this realm is nothing new: Various observers have, for some time, called attention to the entangled nature and dispersed operations of societal efforts to govern il/legality.
Selected from nearly 4000 entries, the winning 100 portraits capture young and old, reflecting not just the multiformity of British people but also the myriad of styles and approaches to contemporary photographic portraiture.
This kind of complexity and multiformity of the cultural influence are reflected in his writing" (Han 115), which leads to his contradiction in both thought and personality.
New Ctenomys karyotypes (Rodentia, Octodontidae) from north-eastern Argentina and from Paraguay confirm the extreme chromosomal multiformity of the genus.
In other words, Wilkins's digression on the speech of angels is clear evidence for Debora Kuller Shuger's thesis of the multiformity of the dominant culture.
Social responsibility is an element of the corporate culture considering the flexibility and security (flexicurity) and management of multiformity in a number of spheres and business practices (Fig.
Bruce Baker highlights another important similarity between Hayek and Kuyper, noting that "Hayek's sense of spontaneity can be seen to run in a direction parallel to Kuyper's appreciation of multiformity.
Christianity in Asia has to be spoken of in the plural, Phan insists, because "Christian multiformity is a function of the enormous geographical, sociopolitical, historical, cultural, and religious diversity of the continent called Asia.
Each element in the phraseology or narrative thematics stands not for the singular instance but for the plurality and multiformity that are beyond the reach of textualization.
Multiformity of Science (Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Vol.
The present analysis takes its distance from Propp in its suggestion that plot multiformity is greater, while plot uniformity is somewhat less striking.
It would appear that the primary intent of this volume is to combine his older thesis vis-a-vis the historical reconstruction of the DtrH with his more recent insights into how multiformity in the oral traditions underlying the biblical texts of Samuel-Kings and Chronicles can help explain the inclusion in the biblical tradition of two historiographies that cover roughly the same time period.