Of or relating to several generations: multigenerational family traditions.
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The event will feature a performance by Round Lake High School's Ghostlight Readers Theatre as well as a multigenerational discussion panel on issues that impact women today.
Tan explained that the new logo will be relevant to multigenerational mall-goers and will further 'strengthen their affinity with the Megaworld brand.' It will position Megaworld Lifestyle Malls as distinctive destinations that embrace diversity and inclusivity.
You are not here for one or two years; think 10-20 years, think multigenerational. Many big families think multigenerational when they buy property.
More Americans are living in multigenerational households than in years past, leaving CPA financial planners to help clients navigate the financial side of this growing demographic trend.
* Bringing back multigenerational and diverse neighborhoods
In North America and Western Europe, rapid growth of smartphones and the popularity of multigenerational licenses are expected to steer the growth of licensed toys.
government clients looking to deliver innovative technology that optimizes workspace in mobile, digital and multigenerational organizations.
announced the launch of its Multigenerational Consulting Solutions (MCS) platform.
Managing a Multigenerational Workforce--Managing a multigenerational workforce was the fourth most common HR concern noted among HR professionals.
This multi-faith, multi-identity, multigenerational story will look firmly forward to the future, asking compelling questions about how to live in a diverse and often unequal world.
MURIEL'S Wedding star Toni Collette (inset) will play a therapist trying to keep the spark alive in her marriage in a BBC series about a multigenerational family penned by Constellations playwright Nick Payne, it has been announced.