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 (mŭl′tē-lān′, -tī-)
Having several lanes: a multilane highway.
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(of a road, highway, etc) having several lanes
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Adj.1.multilane - (of roads and highways) having two or more lanes for traffic
single-lane - (of roads) having a single lane for traffic in both directions; when vehicles meet one must pull off the road to let the other pass
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The Open Eye MSA extends membership to Anritsu, Dust Photonics, Fujitsu Optical Components, HG, Inopticals, Marvell, MultiLane, SAMTEC, and Tektronix.
When the ordinance was initially proposed by council member Meg Salyer in 2015, it focused on banning panhandling in multilane street medians for safety issues, providing exceptions for organized fundraisers.
Under the terms of the agreement, GVA will provide the construction of eight miles of multilane, divided highway, including a frontage road and roundabout to replace a four-way stop intersection.
Key features of the acquiring solution include integrated multilane solution for hypermarkets, dynamic currency converter and eCommerce payment gateway with real-time monitoring.
The 23-year-old was stuck by a vehicle as he crossed the busy multilane dual carriageway outside Birmingham Central Mosque at 3.30am on Sunday.
Headquartered in Vlasim in the Czech Republic, the firm designs, manufactures, sells and services vertical/form/fill/seal (V/F/F/S), multilane stick pack and cartoning machines worldwide.
Of course, Leyden's roads are multilane and have curbs, gutters and sewers, which exponentially raises costs.
He says that if this government is really serious in solving traffic on Edsa, his company can build a multilane overpass road over the whole stretch, from Balintawak to Roxas Boulevard, in just two years.
These include rural two-lane and multilane highways, urban and suburban arterials, and freeway segments and interchange components (such as ramps).
At a multilane roundabout, drivers must yield to vehicles on both lanes.
Infrastructure-based ultrasonic sensors, which are deployed together with a street light system platform, are utilized for multilane traffic participant detection and classification.

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