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a.1.Consisting of, or having, many lobes.
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Rosenbaum et al (48) proposed the following diagnostic criteria: multilobar subpleural and/or centrilobular fibrous interstitial pneumonia characterized by an extensive (>80%) proliferation of elastic fibers in nonatelectatic lung, along with absent to mild chronic inflammation and absent or rare granulomas.
He required intubation and ventilation because of respiratory distress, and the chest radiograph confirmed a multilobar pneumonia.
However, the management of CPAMs could be a big challenge in patients with multilobar involvement.
During the procedure, a multilobar paraspinal mass near the diaphragm was noted, with pathology showing dense fibrosclerosis with increased lymphocytic infiltrates.
Dr Janeke succumbed to multilobar pneumonia after a valiant forty-day struggle.
[8] Chest x-ray findings generally cannot distinguish one type of infection from another, although multilobar infiltrates suggest S.
* accompanied by the presence of a new lobar or multilobar infiltrate on a chest radiograph.
While radiological findings were localized in 26 (8%) patients, they were multilobar or diffuse in other patients.
Among patients with PGC, 243 (57%) had multilobar involvement on CXR, 126(29%) had isolated lower lung field involvement and 54 (12.8%) patients had upper zone involvement.
A higher frequency of multilobar involvement of pulmonary TB in DM patients has been described (12).
With regard to the length of the disease, we observed that multilobar and bilateral involvement is much more frequent than unilateral involvement, which may be due to the delay in the diagnosis.