(ˈmʌltɪˌləʊb) ,




having several lobes
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Effect of micropolar lubrication couple stress fluids on two-lobe and multilobe pressure dam bearing was studied by many researchers.
SynSysCo's full product offering includes its SSC line of miniature compact air-cooled dry scroll pumps, its SDS line of industrial dry screw pumps, Kashiyama Neodry multilobe dry pumps, Anest Iwata ISP dry scroll pumps and Dry Air Compressors, LOT Vacuum semiconductor-class dry screw pumps, as well as turbo pumps and RGA and Turbo pump carts.
For example: A patient with multilobe pneumonia is admitted with hypoxemia and low blood pressure, but the admitting diagnosis is simply listed as pneumonia, without acknowledging the presence of respiratory failure or septic shock.
For architectural and decorative coatings it launched five new products within the Rhoplex series of acrylic emulsion polymers, including low-VOC and APEO-free Rhoplex Multilobe 400 and Rhoplex AC464 acrylic binders.
The second type of low-speed, high-torque motor is the circumferential multilobe cam, radial piston type.
Chapter 5 discusses beamspace multilobe bearing estimation for adaptive phased-array and monopulse radar, bearing estimation incorporating interference cancellation, and forward and backward averaging.
He was not evaluated further until November 1987, when he was hospitalized for massive hemoptysis; at that time, a chest radiograph indicated multilobe infiltration, and the sputum smear was positive for acid-fast bacilli.
The multilobe sensilla (MPS) are typical only in the Limnocorinae, Cryphocricinae, and Naucorinae, whereas ribbon-like senilla (RBS1, RBS2) have been documented only in the corixoids.
Left and right lung are equally affected and single lobe disease is four times more common than multilobe disease.!5!
Rhoplex Multilobe[TM] 300 emulsion polymer is a 50 g/l VOC capable version of its conventional VOC counterpart Rhoplex Multilobe 200--the industry standard for 100% acrylic binders used in exterior flat and satin house paints.