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 (mŭl′tē-no͞o′klē-ət, -nyo͞o′-, -tī-) also mul·ti·nu·cle·at·ed (-ā′tĭd)
Having two or more nuclei: the multinucleate cells of skeletal muscle.
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Adj.1.multinucleate - having two or more nuclei
uninucleate - having one nucleus
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The microscopic structure of the granulomas is composed of multinucleate giant cells formed by macrophages and surrounded by lymphocytes and plasma cells.
Granulomatous Thyroiditis: TIC Smear Shows Multinucleate Histiocytic Giant Cells, Dirty Background of Colloid, Inflammatory Cells and Degenerated Epithelial Cells H&E X100
The nutritive cells in root nematode galls may be multinucleate giant cells, non-hypertrophied uninucleate nutritive cells, or syncytia, depending on the gall-inducing species (Dropkin, 1969; Meyer, 1987; Wyss, 1997).
Liver biopsy revealed portal ductal reaction, focal interface hepatitis, periportal hepatocyte apoptosis with the presence of apoptotic eosinophilic bodies (Mallory bodies), centrilobular cholestasis, rare multinucleate giant hepatocytes, rare hyperchromic, pleomorphic nuclei, and hepatocyte ballooning degeneration (Figure 4).
Histologically, there is diffuse or focal mural changes in the form of xanthoma cells (foamy histiocytes containing lipids and bile pigments), giant multinucleate histiocytes and acute and chronic inflammatory cells.
They have been reported to parasitize acoels, platyhelminthes, annelids, molluscs, nemerteans, echinoderms, and chordates; and it has been suggested that they are present in the host animals as multinucleate plasmodia (Slyusarev and Miller, 1998).
"The accessibility of muscle and the potential for its cells to amplify the impact of nuclear-targeted therapies due to their being multinucleate, make it an attractive target for gene therapy and novel genome editing technologies," says the report.
This causes foreign body reaction and the multinucleate giant cells accumulate in these areas.
In the well differentiated squamous cell carcinomas there are few mitotic figures, atypical mitosis or multinucleate epithelial cells are rare.
In Ojo de Senorita and Negra Imilla, syncytial development and some histological characteristics (hypertrophy in syncytial cells and their nuclei, and presence of multinucleate cells) suggest that these varieties were the most susceptible.
Undifferentiated sarcoma--pleomorphic cell morphology: numerous bizarre multinucleate giant cells interspersed with patternless distributions of pleomorphic spindle cells (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X200).