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1. Divided into many parts.
2. Involving more than two nations or parties; multilateral.


1. divided into many parts or sections
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) government a less common word for multilateral


(ˌmʌl tɪˈpɑr taɪt)

1. divided into several or many parts; having several or many divisions.
[1715–25; < Latin multipartītus having many parts. See multi-, partite]
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Adj.1.multipartite - involving more than two parties
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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En 2008, le premier ministre de l'Ontario Dalton McGuinty a propose qu'un comite multipartite examine la place du Notre-Pere a l'Assemblee legislative de la province.
In any case, on the day the news broke (sending Petron's share price plummeting), company officials met with their counterparts in Limay (in a so-called Multipartite Monitoring Team) to review the complaints being lodged by local residents, some of whom were complaining that the ash byproducts of the refinery were causing them to have skin rashes.
Quels roles pour l'ensemble des gouvernements, en particulier, les gouvernements africains, au sein de la communaute multipartite de l'ICANN ?
6 Let C be the set of complete multipartite graphs.
HM the King also reiterated Morocco's commitment to multipartite and triangular cooperation mechanisms in order to forge balanced, mutually beneficial partnerships with countries of the North.
The Council of the EU gave its green light, on 31 May, to the signing and provisional application of a multipartite free trade agreement (FTA) with Colombia and Peru.
Instead the book contains a setting of the hymn Ave maris stella--unusually, of all seven verses--and a multipartite Improperia, as well as the sequence-motet Inviolata, Integra et casta es, Maria, in which Werrecore, like most sixteenth-century imitators, follows Josquin Desprez in dividing the text into three sections.
From 1985 onward what once had been monolithic "chords" became multipartite "fugues" (Marden's words).
Il faut attendre 2006 pour que le ministre de la Sante de l'epoque, le Docteur Ridha Kchrid et suite a de multiples reclamations, constituat une commission multipartite (dont je faisais partie en tant que representant du syndicat) et engageat une reflexion sur l'APC qui a dure quelques mois.
Launched by the African Union, this 2017-2020 initiative is financed by the German bank with 35 million Euros, said Director of Multipartite Cooperation within the Ministry of Vocational and Employment Yassine Bacha.
Le SPRMA est tres certainement conforme aux cinq << principes directeurs >> etablis pour le comite parlementaire multipartite sur la reforme electorale qui << serviront de cadre en vue des eventuelles decisions du gouvernement en matiere de politiques >>.