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Mixed resolution HLA typing data with multiple allele codes ( were analyzed using a robust Hapl-o-Mat [38] package to compute allele and haplotype frequencies through the EM algorithm.
Multiple allele specific PCR (MAS-PCR) allows simultaneous detection of the most common INH and RIF tolerance related gene mutations, which reduces the cost and the dependence upon technical skills.
Other additions include new sections on topics like stem cells, age and infertility, multiple allele inheritance, and gene regulation, and new chapters on mutation and epigenetics and human evolution.
Assignments for the remaining alleles were ambiguous, with probe hybridization patterns matching multiple allele combinations; however, most samples were equivocal between only two DR groups.
"Both eye and skin color are traits that are controlled by complex interactions between multiple alleles, many -- but not all -- of which have been identified," Harney explained.
The advantage of [G'.sub.ST] is that it is suitable as an analogue of [F.sub.ST] for multiple alleles (microsatellite alleles).
Association mapping is promising for identifying causative polymorphisms for complex traits [8] because it takes advantage of accumulated historic recombination events in natural populations and can evaluate multiple alleles simultaneously [9, 10].
Complexity may not end with the need for multiple alleles at multiple loci in the genome or with the need for non-genetic factors: it is possible that there is no single required allele for any mental disorder, i.e.
Set them accordingly depending on the frequency of recombination between the loci multiple alleles that transmitted together [ 5 ].
Thirteen multiple alleles were seen in msp1 (16.25%), 28 were found in msp2 (35%), and two multiple alleles were seen in glurp (2.5%) genes showing more genotypic variation in msp2 than in msp1 and glurp.

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