multiple alleles

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multiple alleles

pl n
(Biology) three or more alternative forms of a particular gene existing in a population
multiple allelism n

mul′tiple alleles′

a series of three or more alternative or allelic forms of a gene, only two of which can exist in any normal, diploid individual.
mul′tiple allel′ism, n.
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Complexity may not end with the need for multiple alleles at multiple loci in the genome or with the need for non-genetic factors: it is possible that there is no single required allele for any mental disorder, i.
Set them accordingly depending on the frequency of recombination between the loci multiple alleles that transmitted together [ 5 ].
The multiple mutated alleles detected reflect the intrinsic heterogeneity of the KRAS locus in pancreatic carcinoma, as is shown by the analysis of matched pancreatic juice and biopsy samples, where multiple alleles are often detected.
More specific studies, such as genomic sequencing of particular strains and genetic expression of the multiple alleles in animal models, should be performed to determine the virulence and pathogenesis of these variants.
Evidence for multiple alleles effecting muscling and fatness at the Ovine GDF8 Locus.

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