multiple alleles

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multiple alleles

pl n
(Biology) three or more alternative forms of a particular gene existing in a population
multiple allelism n

mul′tiple alleles′

a series of three or more alternative or allelic forms of a gene, only two of which can exist in any normal, diploid individual.
mul′tiple allel′ism, n.
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"Both eye and skin color are traits that are controlled by complex interactions between multiple alleles, many -- but not all -- of which have been identified," Harney explained.
Thompson, "Performing the exact test of Hardy-Weinberg proportion for multiple alleles," Biometrics, vol.
Association mapping is promising for identifying causative polymorphisms for complex traits [8] because it takes advantage of accumulated historic recombination events in natural populations and can evaluate multiple alleles simultaneously [9, 10].
Complexity may not end with the need for multiple alleles at multiple loci in the genome or with the need for non-genetic factors: it is possible that there is no single required allele for any mental disorder, i.e.
Set them accordingly depending on the frequency of recombination between the loci multiple alleles that transmitted together [ 5 ].
Thirteen multiple alleles were seen in msp1 (16.25%), 28 were found in msp2 (35%), and two multiple alleles were seen in glurp (2.5%) genes showing more genotypic variation in msp2 than in msp1 and glurp.

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