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Noun1.multiple correlation - a statistical technique that predicts values of one variable on the basis of two or more other variables
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
multivariate analysis - a generic term for any statistical technique used to analyze data from more than one variable
multicollinearity - a case of multiple regression in which the predictor variables are themselves highly correlated
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The multiple correlation regression results for the final model are presented in Table 3.
In their contribution entitled "Sinc-Windowing and Multiple Correlation Coefficients Improve SSVEP Recognition Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis," V.
CCL2 levels at radiotherapy end could be modelled using linear regression including the following variables: baseline CCL2 (coefficient = 1.15, p = 0.0001), age (coefficient = -3.26, p = 0.004), abdominal surgery (coefficient = 23.3, p = 0.09), hypertension (coefficient = 29.6, p = 0.02), and use of anticoagulants (coefficient = 41.0, p = 0.05) and multiple correlation coefficient = 0.89 (see plot).
The same item contributed 5.5% variance to motivation as seen in the squared multiple correlation column.
Criteria for selection of the best multiple linear regression model were the statistics: correlation coefficient (R), squared multiple correlation coefficient (R2), adjusted correlation coefficient ( ), Fisher ratio (F), root mean square error (RMSE), Durbin-Watson value (DW) and significant (Sig).
The multiple correlation of SMBG information, SMBG motivation, and SMBG behavioral skills with SMBG frequency was R = 0.411 (R[sup]2 = 0.169, P= 0.023).
We sort the multiple correlation coefficient of individual by multiple regression in statistical methods [23, 24]; the greater the multiple correlation coefficient is, the more repeated the information should be, the smaller the information utilization should be, and the smaller the weight should be.
Table 5 shows multiple correlation coefficients (R); determination coefficients ([R.sup.2]); Standard Error of Estimate (SEE); Residual Standard Deviation (RSD) for regression equations of F-PEF, S-PEF, and FEV1 in males and females.
The squared multiple correlation (table 3), explain that 64.2% variation is seen in commitment variable by internal marketing variable.
Especially in the application of multiple linear regression, the multiple correlation between variables is very serious, but its existence is very common.
The multiple regression equation was = 124.545-0.421X1 -3.387 X2 + 0.126 X3**--0.505 X4-1.170 X5 + 0.025 X6** Multiple correlation coefficients (R2) were 0.95 (95%).
From the simultaneous multiple regression analysis, the values of multiple correlation and determination of coefficient have been found to be 0.954 and 0.9104 respectively.

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