multiple drill

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However, the higher percentage of mask provision and patient isolation in MERS scenarios suggests that a history of travel to the Middle East might be more recognizable as a high-risk exposure than history of travel to Germany in the measles scenario; it was noted on multiple drill reports that staff members were unsure if travel to Europe constituted a risk.
Mawson Chairman and CEO Michael Hudson said, "A blind discovery of this grade and thickness made in multiple drill holes 1.
A dump station," he said, "can serve multiple drill and vacuum units where fluids can be reclaimed for reuse, used for dust control or compositing, or disposal.
8,9] Other treatments include intra-cystic injection of methylprednisolone acetate (to decrease the secretion of the synovial fluid and increase the rhythm of bone cell duplication), [8] mechanical disruption of the cyst lining and/or wall by curettage, structural support with decompression with multiple drill holes.
Mackenzie and his team will develop a strategic development plan that will include the scope of seismic surveys, the delineation of multiple drill targets and access to capital to assist in the exploitation of FormCap's leases.
When defining drill symbols to distinguish multiple drill sizes used on the board, a separate precisely defined symbol should be used to make this distinction clear and without ambiguity.
The hardened steel drill body of the SMD accepts multiple drill size heads.
Of those specimens, 5 percent had multiple drill holes--a proportion high enough to suggest that the drilling wasn't fatal, Baumiller says.
Automatic pattern recognition is included to machine with multiple drill heads.
Completing the volcanic and nonvolcanic transects as presently defined will take multiple drill ship expeditions over a period of years.
Round holes are self-supporting and handle stress flow much better than the 'square' shape left by a multiple drill.
The rigs easy-to-use ROC Manager and Surface Manager software also enables log files to be compiled, analyzed and consolidated with data from multiple drill rigs in the same fleet.
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