multiple factors

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multiple factors

pl n
(Genetics) genetics two or more genes that act as a unit, producing cumulative effects in the phenotype

mul′tiple fac′tors

a series of two or more pairs of genes responsible for the development of complex, quantitative characters.
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It said that effective government, the rule of law and sustainable economic development are all necessary for long-term stability in Afghanistan, but multiple factors continue to hinder them, including widespread corruption.
As one might expect, there are multiple factors that will affect a pre-certification program.
Multiple factors influence AEC's ability to keep rates where they are.
Or, there could be multiple factors, such as a combination of the electrons with the solar-wind shocks.
In the study, it turned out that 85 percent of the low-sex-drive women cited multiple factors for their low drive.
Lead author Shahzeen Attari, a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University's Earth Institute and the university's Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, said multiple factors probably are driving the misperceptions.
UK mathematicians Dr David Smith and Professor John Blake at the University of Birmingham said that multiple factors are at work for this kind of behaviour.
The authors capture the complexity of multiple factors that impact on maternal mortality using a computer-based model that simulates the progress of women through pregnancy and childbirth in rural and urban India, and estimates clinical outcomes (pregnancies, complications, live births, or deaths), costs, and cost-effectiveness (a metric that indicates the 'value' of an intervention, and is expressed as 'cost per year of life saved').
These multiple factors have led us to decide it is in the best interest of the company not to consummate the transaction," said KGen Chairman and CEO Gerald Lindner.
SuperFetch continually analyzes memory usage patterns by looking at multiple factors, such as what applications are running and even the time of day, then accelerates performance by retrieving data it anticipates will be demanded next.
There are multiple factors that make it harder and harder for doctors to treat patients in emergency conditions," Evans said.
500,000 square feet is the optimum size based on multiple factors enabling us to increase our efficiency.

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