multiple factors

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multiple factors

pl n
(Genetics) genetics two or more genes that act as a unit, producing cumulative effects in the phenotype

mul′tiple fac′tors

a series of two or more pairs of genes responsible for the development of complex, quantitative characters.
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Grossman has "no idea whether this is, in fact, the issue, or whether it is an accounting issue at all" that is causing a delay, which could be a function of multiple factors.
45%, owing to multiple factors like high steel prices and the rupee deprecation against the dollar.
The syndicate stressed that the reality of nursing in Lebanon is a "ticking time bomb," due to multiple factors such as the low salaries for nurses.
SEOB has taken this decision after carefully considering all options and as a consequence of multiple factors that are unique to Brazil.
But falls are often due to a combination of multiple factors within a given individual, and are not typically associated with one specific problem.
com/edu/fattest-states/16585/) study of all 50 states by personal finance company WalletHub analyzed multiple factors to determine the nation's fattest states.
The objective of the Index is to select a group of MLPs with the potential to yield and outperform a purely passive representation of the master limited partnership sector and utilizes multiple factors to select the highest yielding MLPs.
We have found out multiple factors associated with it - one of them is definitely traumatic life events there is no doubt about it and the other factors breaking social network and economic reasons, said Psychiatrist Arshid Hussain.
MULTAN -- The groundwater level in Multan city has gone down by almost 10 feet in the last decade due to multiple factors, and boring depth for groundwater has become to 60-70 feet contrary to 50-60 feet in the near past.
The book also examines multiple factors in early foreign-language learning that are difficult to explore through empirical evidence, but which may be essential to effective and successful learning.
Many traits depend for their expression on multiple factors, that is, more than just a pair of them.
Shoumik Guha, a consumer, told ANI, "Rates have increased because of multiple factors.

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