multiple regression

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Noun1.multiple regression - a statistical technique that predicts values of one variable on the basis of two or more other variables
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
multivariate analysis - a generic term for any statistical technique used to analyze data from more than one variable
multicollinearity - a case of multiple regression in which the predictor variables are themselves highly correlated
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Interaction, nonlinearity, and multicollinearity: Implications for multiple regression. Journal of Management, 19: 915-922.
Using statistical analysis including analysis of variance and multiple regression as well as computer mapping, Margadant traces the changing hierarchies of French towns, all the while reminding his reader in the narrative that those hierarchies were framed in a debate which was set at the local level by townspeople and their representatives.
If you are using multiple regression you will enter the second independent variable in column C, the third independent variable in column D, etc.
Typically, statistical prediction makes use of multiple regression analysis (Marascuilo, 1971) and allows one to make inferences on a criterion variable based on what is known about one or more predictor variables.
Continuing the analysis, the investigators next employed the statistical technique of multiple regression, which uses a linear equation to predict values for a variable.
These analyses, using a technique known as multiple regression, are usually conducted at a single point in time.
Chief among these methods have been multiple regression analysis, multiple discriminant analysis and gravity models.
Model A is best used in instances of multiple regression in which the choice of "best" predictor involves nonstatistical as well as statistical considerations.
Recently, researchers have added other tools such as surveys, which provide understanding of perceptions of worth and people's willingness to buy, and multiple regression analysis, a statistical technique for eliminating unrelated factors such as house size and type.
Multiple regression analysis sought correlations between the demographics of respondents and their choice of ranks and weights.
Among his topics are foundations of statistical modeling demonstrated with simple regression, interactions in multiple regression: models for moderation, using multiple regression to model mediation and other indirect effects, basic matrix algebra for statistical modeling, structural equation modeling: latent variable models.
Multiple regression results show that participation in the WG program has a significant impact on students' civic engagement, after accounting for other covariates.

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