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 (mŭl′tə-plĕt′, -plĭt)
1. A spectral line having more than one component, representing slight variations in the energy states characteristic of an atom.
2. Any group of subatomic particles that are similar in most properties, but have different electric charges, such as the nucleons, which form a doublet, or the pions, which form a triplet.

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(ˈmʌltɪˌplɛt; -plɪt)
1. (General Physics) a set of closely spaced lines in a spectrum, resulting from small differences between the energy levels of atoms or molecules
2. (General Physics) a group of related elementary particles that differ only in electric charge
[from multiple; on the model of doublet]
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A complex set of multiplet signals between 6.85 to 7.91 ppm was due to coupling of the protons of aromatic rings.
1 1 H-H-COSY HMBC 1 [C.sub.-3] 2 3 [H.sub.-2a] 3-OH 4 [H.sub.-3] [C.sub.-3] 5 6 [H.sub.-7] [C.sub.-5], [C.sub.-10] 7 [C.sub.-6] 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 C C 23 [C.sub.-20] 24 25 [H.sub.-26], [H.sub.-24], [H.sub.-27] 26 [H.sub.-25] 27 [H.sub.-25] 28 s: Singlet, d: Doublet, dd: Doublet of doublet, m: Complex multiplet, HSQC: Heteronuclear single quantum correlation, H-H-COSY: Proton-proton correlation spectroscopy, HMBC: Heteronuclear multiple bond correlation Table 2.
Additional key NMR and MS updates include improved peak picking and multiplet assignment accuracy for 13C NMR spectra of fluorinated compounds, and upgraded MS Tree control to better visualise multiple MS spectra together.
Multiplet earthquakes are rare in other places but certain geological characteristics of the waters surrounding Taiwan make them more frequent here.
(F) Area under the curve of the [sup.1]H- NMR spectra was integrated for the glutathione signals (GSSG, oxidized form, multiplet at 4.75 ppm; GSH, reduced form, multiplet at 4.56ppm).
In the [sup.1]H-NMR spectra of P-2, a multiplet centered at 4.16 ppm and a broad singlet at 4.04 was due to the protons of -OC[H.sub.2] group of rice bran oil and polyisodecyl acrylate, respectively.
The[.sup.1]HNMR spectrum for compounds (1-3) showed significant peaks as the following singlet in the range (2.79-2.95 ppm) for (C[H.sub.2]) group, (6.32-6.45 ppm) due to (CH) group in the ring, also the aromatic part showed multiplet peaks in the range (7.18-8.22ppm).
At v = 0 (in the absence of the Calogero potential) they coincide, respectively, with the ordinary Galileo boost and space translation multiplied by [e.sub.1]2 + [e.sub.2]1 (namely, the operator exchanging the fields entering a 2-component multiplet).
s = singlet; d = doublet; dd = doublet of doublets; m = multiplet. Table 2: Comparison of the catalytic activities between la and [[[{Pt (en)([H.sub.2]O)}.sub.2]([mu]-pz)].sup.4+] [35] and 3a and [[[{Pt(en)([H.sub.2]O)}.sub.2]([mu]-pydz)].sup.4+] [44] complexes in the hydrolysis of Ac-L-Met-Gly dipeptide.
In the [sup.1]H NMR spectrum of the mixture obtained after acid work-up, a quartet at 3.75 ppm with [J.sub.HH] 6.8 Hz was assigned to H-2 of product 2, and one at 3.85 ppm with [J.sub.HH] 6.8 Hz was assigned to H-2 of hydrate 3; in addition, multiplet signals from the thien-2-yl ring at 6 7.43 and 7.75 ppm were observed.
The Ni 2[p.sub.3/2] photoelectron transitions of the three samples (around 854 eV) show multiplet splitting and shake-up satellites (at 860 eV), which is typical for nickel oxide species and corresponds well with published data [50, 51].
where [[lambda].sub.ZL] will be referred to as the "zero line" wavelength ([[lambda].sub.ZL] = 1666 nm wavelength associated with the transition between the lowest stark components of each multiplet [sup.3][H.sub.6] and [sup.3][F.sub.4]) and [Z.sub.l]/[Z.sub.u] represents the ratio of the partition functions of the lower and upper states and the value is 1.512 [14].

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