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 (mŭl′tə-plĕt′, -plĭt)
1. A spectral line having more than one component, representing slight variations in the energy states characteristic of an atom.
2. Any group of subatomic particles that are similar in most properties, but have different electric charges, such as the nucleons, which form a doublet, or the pions, which form a triplet.


(ˈmʌltɪˌplɛt; -plɪt)
1. (General Physics) a set of closely spaced lines in a spectrum, resulting from small differences between the energy levels of atoms or molecules
2. (General Physics) a group of related elementary particles that differ only in electric charge
[from multiple; on the model of doublet]
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Akin to the fields in the latter, which can be expanded in terms of the Grassmann parameters belonging to a superfield [PSI]([x.sub.[mu]], [[theta].sub.i]), the fermionic multiplets here too form a supermultiplet that results from expanding [PHI] ([x.sub.[mu]],[[bar.[psi]].sub.j], [[bar.[lambda]].sub.i]) and retaining terms even in [bar.[lambda]] and odd in [bar.[psi]].
While C[H.sub.2] protons at C-7 appeared as multiplets in the range of 1.90-2.00 ppm, those at C-6 and C-8 resonated close to 2.40 and 2.30 ppm, respectively.
The multiplet-clustering analysis is a method to determine the relative locations of AE clusters consisted of multiplets and within the AE events with similar waveforms [5].
The only prerequisite is that single cells can be distinguished from those events that do not correspond to a cell and from cell multiplets that may be present at variable proportions among all the acquired events; moreover, dead cells must be excluded because of nonspecific staining (4, 85,109-111).
The high dielectric constant of PVDF is expected to favor such interactions by virtue of its dipoles exerting a polarization effect on aggregated multiplets of the ionomeric species (13).
The doublets [q.sub.1] and [q.sub.2] are embedded into incomplete SU(5) multiplets [[PSI].sub.1] and [[PSI].sub.2] as [[PSI].sub.1] - [([q.sub.1], 0, [0.sub.2]).sup.[GAMMA]] and 2 - [([0.sub.2], 0, [q.sub.2]).sup.T], where [0.sub.2] - [(0, 0).sup.T].
Although these compounds have been detected as major derivatives, one minor singlet at d 0.66 was observed and in association to multiplets at d 3.4 and 5.3 can be considered an indication of the presence of sterols [45], such as sitosterol/stigmasterol/ campesterol, previously isolated from L.
Niitsuma, Subsurface stress field determination using multiplets in downhole three-component microseismic measurement, Proc.
This is based on the restricted mobility of the polymer chains in the vicinity of the multiplets, which are localized structures of ionized acid groups around specific cations.
Adopting the minimalistic approach and, therefore, keeping the initial field content (the SO(10) multiplets) minimal, and tempted by the least possible fine-tuning intuition, it seems not possible to obtain a plausible scenario where the left-right model lies in the TeV-scale [23].
Two deshielded singlets at 8.36 ppm and 8.79 ppm gave a clue of linear structure while the two multiplets at 7.95 ppm and 8.01 ppm represent angular structure.
In [112] we have studied the 3-3-1 model with neutral fermions based on [S.sub.4] group, in which most of the Higgs multiplets are in triplets under [S.sub.4] except that [chi] is in a singlet, and the exact tribimaximal form [114-117] is obtained, in which [[theta].sub.13] = 0.

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