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 (mŭl′tə-plī′ə-bəl) also mul·ti·plic·a·ble (-plĭk′ə-bəl)
Capable of being multiplied: multipliable fractions.


(ˈmʌl təˌplaɪ ə bəl)

also mul•ti•plic•a•ble

(ˈmʌl təˌplɪk ə bəl)

capable of being multiplied.
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The business value of the presently underdeveloped village will increase at a multipliable level.
"Protix is the most advanced insect company that has demonstrated industrial-scale production in a way that is scalable and multipliable," Roberts said.
This hybrid tactic of "walking in the city" is thus constitutive of a nearly endlessly multipliable set of vernacularities (13), layered everyday operations that can bring together
Dapifer spaniels countermarch multipliable notables